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The Four Qualities of a Good Delegator

What makes a great leader in the business world? People may make the mistake of equating quality management with a person’s ability to take on any task that hits his or her desk. While this is true to a certain extent, an individual’s aptitude for delegating is just as important as his or her capacity for managing responsibilities alone. The art of delegation, however, does not come overnight and should be a focus of staff training and development programs in order to ensure its proper implementation. In addition to benefiting the company, a strong ability to delegate says a lot…

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Seven World Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

Beauty abounds in colorful festivals around the world. Many—with their grandeur and ancient customs—are absolute destination events. If you’re planning a trip this year, or if you’re writing your bucket list, consider adding some of our favorites to your itinerary. Read the Full Transcript From ancient rules of forgiveness, to contemporary individualism, these festivals are sure to speak to the traveler in you. From ancient rules of forgiveness, to contemporary individualism, these festivals are sure to speak to the traveler in you: Art Basel. Located in three cities across the globe, this event is the pinnacle art festival for artists…

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Preparing Students for a Global Community: Leadership and Language

Free webinar on March 18th, featuring Nakia Douglas, principal of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy. In 2011, the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas, TX began using the Rosetta Stone language solution to help their students learn Spanish, Chinese, and Latin. Realizing that language learning equates to success in the multilingual 21st century economy, the first all-male public school in Dallas was hoping to build students’ communication skills that would translate into international study opportunities and improved college acceptance for graduates. BOMLA got much more than that. At the Academy, the Rosetta Stone solution has helped Extend language…

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Ben Franklin to Blame for Daylight Saving Time and More

There’s never been a better time to learn a new language: Click to try our free demo! We have a lot to be grateful for when it comes to Benjamin Franklin. Known as the “first American,” he invented bifocals, the lightning rod, and the Franklin stove, to name a few. He was a founding father of the United States, a polymath who ranked up there with the greats, a scientist, dignitary, and, it seems, a candle-wax conservationist. Messing with the Clocks: Daylight Saving Time Yet, with such an impressive résumé, it was also Franklin who brought us the crazy idea of daylight…

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Build Community Through Corporate Training Programs

Company management may tend to focus on the hard facts when it comes to implementing virtual employee training programs. Such systems tend to be less expensive than traditional courses, and offer workers the flexibility to learn at their own pace and the convenience of being able to access materials from a broad range of locations. While these benefits may seem to promote individualism in learning, virtual programs also offer the ability for management to enhance the corporate community. Here are a few ways that online learning can be as inclusive as it is independently convenient: Create Virtual Teams One of…

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Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO for Business Wins Elearning! Magazine Award of Excellence

When selecting which e-Learning programs to implement, looking to what the market says can save companies time and headache. Elearning! Magazine, a leading publication for education and workplace technology buyers, recently released its 2013 “Best of Elearning!” list. The “Best of Elearning!” is an exclusive users’ choice awards program honoring best-in-class solutions across the learning and technology industries. See why Rosetta Stone’s TOTALe PRO for Business program was among those awarded by users. This award comes on the heels of the recent expansion of Rosetta Stone’s Enterprise product suite. Rosetta Stone Advanced English for Business, a brand new, business-focused solution…

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Use Employee Training Programs to Mitigate Expat Stress

As globalization continues to expand, an increasing number of workers choose to explore professional opportunities outside of their home country. With new possibilities also come the many challenges of living abroad, and research has highlighted the extreme stress that many people feel after migrating to another country for employment. Complications of Moving Abroad A study published in the International Journal of Mental Health outlined some of the many sources of anxiety faced by individuals who move abroad to live and work. Researchers and mental health experts from several organizations collaborated to determine which causes were predominant among expats, and how…

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A Birds-Eye View of Working with Rosetta Stone

This month, Rosetta Stone debuts a new online video presenting a birds-eye view of what it’s like to work with the TOTALe® PRO solution in a classroom setting. The video shows how the Rosetta Stone solution streamlines the online language learning process for classrooms and utilizes engaging and colorful animation that gets students excited about using the program. Tailored for today’s busy students Beginning with a description of all the blended-learning settings in which the program can be used, the video reviews: Independent learning on classroom computers Small group instruction Flexible device and BYOD In all of these environments, learners…

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Ease Inclement Weather Concerns with Clear Policy

Before the next Polar Vortex strikes, human resource managers may want to review internal policy to ensure that employees are safe and business doesn’t come to a halt when the snowflakes start to fall or another extreme situation occurs. Below are four areas to consider in shaping corporate guidelines to deal with challenging weather. Record low temperatures this winter have led to cancellations at schools and businesses across the country. Management at companies that already had bad weather policies in place likely experienced far less stress about dealing with the storms than their counterparts who hadn’t planned ahead. Before the…

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A Week in Tweets: Top @RosettaStone Fan Tweets

It’s always great to hear from our customers and see them in action using their Rosetta Stone products. We especially love the quick notes, and now the Vine shorts that we see streaming through our Twitter feed! Here are some of this week’s favorites!   Sal Masekela is back from Sochi and getting ready for the 2016 Brazil games!   Hannah is feeling empowered.   Monica is getting things done! ¿Cómo se dice “Impressive!”?   Always nice to see our learners in action! Way to go, Amirah!   Thanks for sharing, everyone! Feeling inspired? Check out Rosetta…

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