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teacherlong Language Journeys

Rosetta Studio Live Language Coaching

I recently participated in a Studio session with Karla. It was my first Studio session and honestly I was a bit apprehensive. From the start, Karla put me at ease and was very helpful, encouraging, and had a nice sense of humor. I made a lot of mistakes but was encouraged and supported every step of the way.I learned a lot and left motivated to do more. A great overall experience! Thank you, Karla! -Kevin (more…)

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womancmoputermain Language Journeys


Actually I purchased the Rosetta Stone Software for my wife who wanted to learn a language. One day I heard my wife in the other room saying OLA, HAHAHAHAHA, then again, and again and yet again OLA’ HAHAHAHAHAHA. When curiousity finally got the best of me I went to investigate. She was hard at work in lesson one with her headsets on, but could not get past the first part, when I watched her fail the syntax recognition, I simply said, “Honey don’t laugh after Ola. Ding! she got it just fine and has progressed wonderfully. But, now every time…

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menulong Language Journeys

Ordering Food from a Spanish Menu

I am 16 and love languages, so having this fantastic, immersive software is simply inspirational; i have been using the Spanish online software (as an extra language for fun) and am currently on level 3. This easter holiday, i went to spain and have been able to cope with many conversations and orders without any problem. One evening i even read a spanish menu without realizing that i wasnt reading english. I only realized when my friend pointed out that i was reading the wrong section! Great Software! Thanks Rosetta Stone! (more…)

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tweetmapmain RVoice

Rosetta Stone Holiday Tweet Map: Themed Tweets from Around the World

We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with our Holiday Tweet Map! It’s a live feed of Valentine’s Day themed tweets in different languages from around the globe. Let the pop-ups on our map, like Cupid, inspire you to let loved ones know how much you care (perhaps in a different language) this February 14. And remember to check the map if you confess your love over Twitter—your tweet might register there, capturing your timeless heart’s manifesto for a brief moment. (more…)

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strawberrymain Language Journeys

My Russian Breakfast

I’m just 15 years old and I’ve always wanted to learn Russian my whole life. Its been my life long dream to travel to Russia. I’ve tried everything in my power to learn the language or at least gain a basic understanding. Rosetta Stone goes above and beyond the basic understanding that I at least was aiming for. I started using it the first day I got it and my Russian friend asked me what I did the next morning, so I described what I ate for breakfast. He was so impressed and told me my pronunciation, grammar, and everything…

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grapesmain Language Journeys

Retirement’s a Dream with Rosetta Stone

Retirement is a wonderful time in life. It’s the time to do things you have always wanted to do! After giving my granddaughter the Rosetta Stone Spanish set, we purchased the Italian set for ourselves to prepare for a trip to Italy. We only had a few months to prepare for the trip, but Rosetta Stone was a tremendous help to us. Our trip was designed to enjoy the wonderful wines of Italy. We, therefore, drove through and stayed in many small towns where very few people spoke English. We stayed on a small vineyard in Asti, visited Alba, Lake…

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paintmain Language Journeys

Finding a Hobby: Foreign Language Learning

Remember how it seemed that, coming up through school, everybody found a hobby-turned-passion? There was the girl who played the violin so well Stradivarius himself would’ve been proud. Another discovered art, blurring the boundaries between paper and subject. You know how it was. There was always somebody known as the kid who did ______ (insert hobby) really well. I wasn’t one of them, though. I mean, how on earth do you make sound (excuse me, music) from rubbing two sets of strings together? And I always thought my stick figures were the pièce de résistance of my short-lived attempt at…

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choctawmain RVoice

Where Theory Meets Practice: Using Language To Help Make the World a Better Place

Whenever I tell someone I’m a linguist, the inevitable question I get asked is, “So how many languages do you speak?” Similarly, when I tell people I work at Rosetta Stone, a common response is, “So you speak all thirty-three languages that Rosetta Stone offers?” Or when I tell them I helped create the Rosetta Stone Navajo product, they say, “Wow, your Navajo must be really good.” The truth is, I know only four languages (English, Swahili, Spanish, and Latin), and none of them are languages I helped create products for (Chitimacha, Navajo, and Iñupiaq). “Then how,” you ask, “can…

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13yrold Language Journeys

Thirteen-year-old learns with Rosetta Stone

I am thirteen-years-old and I knew a pretty good amount of Spanish before I bought Rosetta Stone. I had used many different types of learning before. I finally decided to order Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 2. My goal was to learn past and future tense. It was wonderful! I am so excited to visit a Spanish speaking country! My Latin American friends were very surprised at how well I had improved in such a short time. The way you learn with Rosetta Stone is the best way. I hadn’t even realized I was picking so many things up!…

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main RVoice

The International Man of Dance: Has Rosetta Stone Created a Global Superstar?

The International Man of Dance is on the road to superstardom. His 2012 New Year’s resolution: master the art of movement. Since he loves learning new languages, he hopes to explore new cultures as part of his dance training. Although he’s working very hard to perfect his routine, he still has a little way to go! You control his dance moves by selecting his outfit, his dance, and the music that he’ll dance to. Remember to share your dance and culture mash-up at the end!

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