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How To Rethink Incentives And Performance Reviews For Greater Success

In the ongoing quest to maximize workplace productivity, managers have conventionally explored with a handful of tried and true tactics to connect with their employees. Many employers offer incentives, usually financial, as a popular way of driving employee innovation. Performance reviews are another common tool for helping identify areas of job performance that could benefit from special attention. However, these are not tools and strategies that can or even should be implemented blindly across the board without consideration. As workplaces evolve in the wake of globalization and the digital native generation, understanding how to make the most of these popular…

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Why You Should Care About Employee Skill Development, And How You Can Encourage It

One thing every employer wants is a workforce of employees who are skilled, smart, and knowledgeable. Far from simply the province of HR professionals conducting on-boarding, skill development is a thing that should continue well beyond the the initial corporate training programs, and extend to cover the entirety of an employee’s tenure with the company. For some employers, it may seem to be something of a balancing act between making sure employees have the necessary training they need to do their jobs effectively and avoiding unnecessary time or financial expenditures for the sake of what may be seen as diminishing…

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What Is Driving Employee Satisfaction?

One of the jobs management needs to be sure to stay on top of is keeping track of the overall satisfaction of its employees. Keeping staff motivated and satisfied with their work is key to maximizing productivity and preventing potential profit losses due to lapses in work. It’s important to note that employees are driven by different motivators, some material, others developmental. The task many HR professionals face is to make use of strong business communication skills to keep abreast of the motivational climate of the workforce, and work to implement a company culture that adequately meets the needs of the staff’s job satisfaction. Salary concerns It should come as no surprise…

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Keep Employees Engaged To Maximize Performance

Engagement is an important goal that managers and HR professionals should shoot for on both sides of the customer service counter. More than just a way to attract and retain clients and customers, engagement is an important part of what keeps your workforce motivated and efficient. As an employer, it’s important to keep an eye on your workplace’s overall level of engagement. You should understand the factors that can keep your employees plugged in and engaged, as well as what can result in the opposite. The engaged workplace The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) conducted surveys of companies to better pin down how to qualify the notion of…

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Top 10 Things to Pack in Your Suitcase

Preparing for a trip is terribly exciting! You’ve bought your plane tickets, made hotel and restaurant reservations, and done your research about your destinations—and now it’s time to pack those belongings that’ll be taking the trek with you. In the heat of packing, though, you may not be sure what essential items you should bring. Here are the Top 10 things Rosetta Stone staffers recommend that every traveler bring on their journeys. Read the Full Transcript 10. Host or Hostess Gift. Planning to stay in someone’s home? Thank your hosts for their hospitality with something they can’t get at…

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Globalization Leads To Changes In How HR Operates Effectively

The rapid globalization and expansion across international borders that has seen recent growth has had a noticeable impact on the way many companies handle their training, management and other personnel issues. One area that is primed to see some of the biggest operating changes in the wake of globalization is HR. Offices across many countries means dealing with a workforce from a variety of backgrounds. Different cultural considerations, not to mention time zones, may potentially come into play. In the coming years, company HR departments will need to adopt new strategies and technologies in order to stay as effective as…

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Can Technology Facilitate MSL for LD Language Students?

Learning a foreign language can be especially challenging for students who have difficulty reading, writing, listening, or speaking their native language. These difficulties can stem from a range of disabilities, from autism to dysgraphia, and present students with an extra set of challenges in their pursuit of foreign-language mastery—in a traditional classroom, that is. Creative Approaches One key to improved outcomes is systematic multisensory structured language (MSL). If instructors teach language systematically by utilizing visual, aural, tactile, and kinetic activities to reinforce content, LD students can thrive. Color-coding to help with memorizing gendered words and pairing movements with vocabulary are…

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MGSD Promoting Student Success Through Language Instruction

Rosetta Stone announced that it will provide the Mooresville Graded School District (MGSD) with foreign language-learning modules for 3,000 students in its five elementary and intermediate schools. The language program will debut in September and offer Spanish and French initially. Rosetta Stone has been working with MGSD to develop a foundation of early language. Structured according to grade level, the independent study language instruction will be incorporated into the school day, with every student receiving daily instruction cumulating in a minimum of one hour of weekly instruction supervised by a proctor. Teachers will have the option to incorporate additional exposure…

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Fostering Trust Between Employees And Management

When it comes to maintaining the bridge between employers and employees in the workplace, trust is the resource that is being leveraged by more and more HR professionals. As workplaces evolve, HR professionals find that authoritarian methods of encouraging positive business communication skills between upper levels and front line staff fall short. Many supervisors have instead determined that the key to opening effective communication channels in the office lies not with draconian management policies, but instead with creating and propagating a workplace centered on mutual trust between executives and the workforce. How to foster trust Trust in the workplace is a product of mutual respect between administration and employees. Displaying respect for workers sends the…

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Know How to Give Employees What They Want With Perks And Benefits

In a market crawling with young and highly trained new talent, it’s a veritable playground for hiring managers when it comes to recruiting and staffing. But with so many companies vying for the same pool of applicants, HR professionals find themselves faced with the challenge of standing out to prospective candidates. While there are obvious draws such as salary and title, many job seekers, especially in the younger millennial demographic, are motivated as much or more by other factors when it comes to finding a corporate home. Perks are becoming more relevant in a big way, and companies that offer their employees avenues to explore personal and community…

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