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Fictional Languages: Fun Facts of Fan Favorites

At Rosetta Stone, we teach languages, we don’t create them. That’s why it’s so fascinating to learn about fictional languages that have been created to deepen the storytelling of fantastical worlds. We’ve touched on these languages before in our RVoice posts, and today guest blogger Miranda González shares more intriguing information about fictional languages. Why not explore them in your next literary adventures?   Numerous fictional languages have been invented to add dimension to the imaginary worlds of books, movies, and video games. These languages include everything from Minionese (the babble that Minions speak in Despicable Me) to Parseltongue (an…

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Introducing Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading: Online and Mobile Learning

It’s time to start reading! Your kids are entering the age where learning to read is at the forefront of their fledgling academic lives. They know their ABC’s and have favorite books that they’re chomping at the bit to read by themselves. How can you help? You want to give them a head start but fear that finding the right tools might be a daunting task. You also want to ensure that the product you select will be an effective learning tool, that it’ll be engaging, and worth their time and your money. Where do you start? Start with a…

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Tech Can Serve Traditional and Non-Traditional Students

There is no question that today’s incoming traditional students are digital natives. Having grown up with a wealth of information at their fingertips, many traditional students expect technology to be an integral part of their courses. But what about non-traditional students—in many cases, digital immigrants? Do they benefit from learning technologies as well? Why This Matters Non-traditional students have accounted for a staggering 40 percent of the higher ed student population for over 20 years now. And the numbers show no signs of slowing. As such a large part of the student body, the non-traditional student’s relationship with technology matters,…

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Hurt in Translation: Why Language Skills Are Key to Safety In Heavy Industry

Language training is one of the newer key competencies recommended for many businesses as a result of increased globalization and immigration. Developing business communication skills on an international stage is key for facilitating business deals in some industries, but for other fields the need for clearer communication is far more fundamental. Certain sectors, particularly manufacturing and construction, have received a surge in immigrant laborers in the U.S. and abroad. These industries attract a higher percentage of non-English-speaking workers, but also present health and safety concerns not typically found in other sectors. This combination highlights a pressing need for these companies…

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Inglés Día a Día: Conquista El Miedo de Hablar

El error más grande que comete la gente cuando empieza a aprender inglés (o cualquier otro idioma) es que su miedo de hablarlo sobrepasa su deseo de hablarlo. Muchas personas aprendieron un segundo idioma cuando iban a la escuela, pero la mayoría no lo habla en la actualidad. Y, ¿por qué? Porque casi nunca lo usan. Y muchas veces, la razón principal es la pena. Cuando te rehúsas a hablar inglés por vergüenza, exactamente ¿de qué te estás avergonzando? ¿Temes que no te van a entender o que tú no vas a entender a quien te esté hablando? ¿O que…

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Corporate Diversity Requires A Multi-Angled Approach

In today’s workplace, diversity is no longer a buzzword – it’s a goal. The past decade or so has seen companies take a few awkward steps in the direction of a more ethnically and culturally inclusive office. Though the progress has been slow and steady, the need for more active efforts toward diversification is greater than ever. In the coming years, the companies that achieve the most success, not just on the diversity front, but on the business stage as a whole, will be the ones that most readily adopt new measures of inclusivity. However, diversifying the workplace is more…

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What The Globalizing Supply Chain Means For The Auto Industry

Tomorrow Latin America’s largest automotive trade show gets under way in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The São Paulo International Motor Show, which takes place every two years, and has become not only one of the largest events of its kind worldwide, but also one of the most exuberant. And for good reason. Brazil’s car market is booming: Brazil is the fourth largest car buying market worldwide, and the the seventh largest producer. But just because a manufacturer is based in Japan, U.S., or Brazil, that doesn’t mean that the design and manufacture of its products are equally domestic. As the auto…

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Happy Death: A History of Día de los Muertos

When was the last time you made a trip to a cemetery to visit the grave of a loved one—maybe to dust off a headstone or lay out some flowers? In the United States, many people do so on Memorial Day in May, which is when we honor veterans who died while serving in wars. But we don’t really have a holiday to pay tribute to everyone who has died under all circumstances. In Mexico, however, Día de los Muertos—“Day of the Dead”—is a holiday that does exactly that. An ancient Aztec festival Many people see the sugar skulls, face…

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Avanza Tu Inglés Usando Películas Infantiles

Si te pones a ver una película en inglés y tu único propósito es entretenerte, no hay ningún problema con ver la versión doblada al español o usar los subtítulos en español. Pero si estás viendo una película con la esperanza de aprender inglés, leer los subtítulos en español en realidad obstaculizará tu adquisición del idioma. Y claro, ¡la versión doblada no ayudará en nada a tu inglés! Hay cosas pequeñas que puedes hacer para modificar tu vida y empezar a aprender un poco más de inglés, día a día. Ver películas en inglés es una de ellas. Tienes que…

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How Public Works Employees Can Adjust To Increased U.S. Immigration

Police officers and EMS technicians play a critical role in public life. Unlike other public servants, they’re on the front lines, interacting with those they serve on a daily basis. In recent years, the increase in immigration has introduced new challenges to these employees as language barriers can obstruct clear communication between civilians and the officers and professionals who work to keep them safe. This highlights a need for public organizations to invest in foreign language training to maintain the best possible service within these communities. Changing populations The U.S. population has been rapidly changing shape in recent years due…

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