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Repatriation: The forgotten journey home, and the future lost asset

At the just concluded People In Energy conference in Houston, a thought-provoking discussion on global mobility trends ended with a common theme among attendees: what can we do about repatriation? Companies make a large investment in their expats who go on assignment. But often lost is the recognition that these employees also invest in themselves. The most successful expats take the time to personally learn a new language and understand the cultural nuances of working in a new country. Companies spend on the front end, and so do the employees. Many Repatriates End Up Leaving Think of the transformation a…

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The 10 Things We Learned from People in Energy

The Rosetta Stone team just came off an energizing three days at the 2014 People in Energy conference in Houston, TX. Here are the top 10 things we learned after hearing from many of the top voices in oil & gas HR leadership today: 1. “We need to change the public perception of engineering to sustain the U.S. capacity for innovation, and attract young people to the profession.” – Dr. Terri Reed, Texas A&M 2. “Three things that millennials seek in the workplace are a sense of mission, the challenge of learning new things, and a culture of transparency.” -…

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Globally Connected Courses Bring Culture to the Classroom

The short- and long-term benefits of studying abroad are well established, yet only 9% of U.S. undergraduates study abroad. How can faculty and instructors help the other 91% achieve a comparable level of success in a world where global perspectives are so important? One approach is the globally connected course. Using videoconferencing and a wide variety of other e-Learning options, instructors and students in the US are partnering with peers half a world away to complete projects that represent a significant opportunity for “internationalization at home”. The Challenges Participating students encounter and work through the same types of cultural barriers…

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Los Que Hablan Inglés Ganan Más Dinero

Se ha dicho que el dinero no puede comprar la felicidad. Sin embargo, la estabilidad económica te quita la preocupación de vivir de quincena a quincena y también te da tiempo de pensar en otras cosas aparte de proveer un techo y poner comida en la mesa. Así que si buscas tener finanzas estables, una de las mejores cosas que puedes hacer es aprender inglés. Muchas veces hablamos de los beneficios de aprender inglés en términos muy vagos. Pero ¿sabías que los economistas han estudiado la rentabilidad de inversión y hasta han puesto un monto aproximado de lo que puedes…

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Speaking More Languages Improves Cognitive Abilities in Older Age

As our bodies age, so do our brains. Many of us have seen our aging family members grow older and slower over time, and aside from physical aches and pains, we can often see the mental agility of our loved ones change shape over the years as well. As our brains age, cognitive function is impaired. “Cognitive function,” in layperson’s terms, refers to things like short- and long-term memory, how quickly the elderly process new information, and even simply the ability to pay attention. After all, whether or not we remember something later depends on how well we’re able to…

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The Numbers Tell the Story: the US Isn’t Prepared for Languages, STEM

It’s no secret that STEM and world languages are keystones in American educational goals as we move forward in the 21st century. The Department of Commerce quantified the urgency of improvements in this area according to a 2011 report. STEM jobs are projected to grow at a rate 7 percent higher than non-STEM jobs. Those workers earn 26 percent more on average than their non-STEM counterparts. On the world language side, 70 percent of employers predicted that a proficiency in Spanish would be moderately or highly valued in the next decade. 42 percent said the same when it came to…

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One Simple Way to Blend Your Classroom Now

It wasn’t that long ago that some educators collected cell phones (and pagers, remember those?) in a basket to be held for the duration of class. So distracting was the new technology, students just couldn’t be trusted. Fast forward to 2014, and the opposite is true. Mobile phones have become increasingly popular for in-class learning. By the time the class of 2020 reaches your lecture hall, students will be familiar with using a mobile device in class, as many of them will have done so in high school. Now is the time to embrace mobile. Discover a few simple ways…

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Rosetta Stone Making Its Presence Felt at ACTFL 2014

Once again, Rosetta Stone is playing a big part at 2014’s edition of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages annual convention and language expo. The convention runs from Friday, November 21st to Sunday, November 23rd in San Antonio, Texas. With over 6,000 international attendees and over 250 exhibitors, ACTFL is one of the largest gatherings of language learning professionals in the world. This year’s theme is “Reaching Global Competence”, a topic that is central to the mission of Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone’s presentations Rosetta Stone is helping to bring that theme to life. Our booth, #7707, will…

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Top 3 Holiday Dishes, Their Histories and Recipes

Beyond the bird, there are those holiday dishes that, if they were missing from the menu, would be, well . . . missed! Winter holiday meals vary from region to region and religion to religion, but there’s one holiday feast whose culinary and national traditions have essential components that make it what it is: Thanksgiving. Stories abound about the original Thanksgiving table and other early influences, but today there are really three repeat offenders that keep us not just saying thanks, but saying, “pass me some more.” Stuffing (or is it dressing?) If we’re not going to talk about the…

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Giving Thanks around the World

Ah, Thanksgiving—a holiday that’s about as American as apple pie. Well, technically, Canadian Thanksgiving came first and a number of other international harvest holidays came way before that (like the Hebrew holiday Sukkot, which dates back to Moses). Oh, and by the way, if we want to be precise, apple pie actually isn’t exactly American either. Sorry to rain on your Thanksgiving Day parade. Okay, so maybe we can’t lay claim as the founders of the concept of a day of thanksgiving, but on this fourth Thursday of November, we can certainly enjoy our turkey with cranberry sauce and know…

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