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Adding “Inclusion” to Diversity & Inclusion Programs

In recent years, trends in diversity have taken a new direction. Instead of the conversation only focusing on the tolerance of differences, it has grown to incorporate the concept of inclusion. Consider for a moment the implications of diversity in its original, unaltered state. The whole purpose was to simply bring in diverse employees. Incorporating these employees’ diverse viewpoints and ideas into the larger organization was not the goal, simply employing them was enough. On the other side of that discussion, inclusion offers a very different meaning. The focus is on not only allowing diverse inputs, but actually accepting and…

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Rosetta Stone Named Among Top 100 Products in District Administration’s 2013 Readers’ Choice Award Program

Rosetta Stone was recently recognized by District Administration magazine as a 2013 Readers’ Choice Top 100 product. The annual honor is given to companies that provide technologically significant solutions which positively impact K-12 classrooms, schools, and districts. Reader submissions, including those from superintendent and district-level directors from across the U.S., determine the award, and Rosetta Stone was selected from among 1,800 unique nominations. District Administration’s editorial board narrows the field, selected the “best of the best.” This year, the magazine notes a common theme of internet- and mobile-oriented solutions arriving in the classroom. Rosetta Stone’s K-12 solutions bring the award-winning…

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Why Language Shouldn’t Be a Job Requirement

Great organizations are made up of great people. When companies are looking for that next great hire, the first step is usually to post a job or contact a third-party recruiter. The ideal candidate, in theory, will be well-versed in the industry and able to hit the ground running. Oh, and they need to speak the native language. Or do they? In many online job postings, the phrase “must be proficient in verbal and written English” is normally encapsulated in a long list of required traits. However, in the recent discussion on communication as a key tool for employee engagement,…

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A Holiday Tradition and Recipe to Please the Masses

Photo © Matthew Armendariz (, via Food and Wine An oft overlooked, very tasty, and hands-on holiday tradition of Mexico, the south-western US, and for Latinos everywhere, is the gathering of friends and family on Christmas and New Year’s Eves to cook and eat tamales at a gathering called a tamalada. Tamales – if you’re not already passionately familiar with them – are cornhusk bundles filled with masa and myriad other ingredients ranging from meats, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, chilies and more. With roots reaching as far back as 7000 BC, tamales originated in Mesoamerica, and were later traced to the Aztec and Maya civilizations.…

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What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

Bloggers, Divas, and Lifehackers alike have Rosetta Stone on their Christmas wish lists! The Martini Chronicles “Diva’s Holiday Wish List . . . Rosetta Stone!” So . . . Day 9 of our Divas’ Holiday Wish List is inspired by my mom, Boss Lady. When I asked Boss Lady what she wanted for Christmas, I totally wasn’t expecting her to say that she wanted Rosetta Stone so that she could learn to speak Spanish . . . who knew! Later on that night, I started thinking of how marketable an individual who speaks more than one language is in the current job…

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What Does Santa Say in Brazil?

What Does Santa say in Brazilian Portuguese? Turns out, he says “Ho! Ho! Ho!” just like in the US! We asked one of our Brazilian Portuguese translators to tell us about how he and his countrymen celebrate Christmas in Brazil. From dinner to decorations, and even a popular Christmas song, he helps us peek into his culture’s holiday experiences. Guest post by Márcio Rezende Even though Brazil is a very warm country and Christmas is celebrated during our summer, I believe the traditions are very similar to the ones in the United States.  Christmas is the most important holiday of…

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English as the Lingua Franca of Business [Infographic]

Conducting business across the globe requires companies to have a multilingual  workforce. While obviously a business advantage, having a workforce that speaks multiple languages naturally leads to language challenges that prevent effective communication across the business. Take a look at the infographic below to discover the impact these communication challenges are having on businesses and how English language training can give companies a leg up on their competition. To learn how Rosetta Stone can help your business overcome these internal communication challenges, take a look at our English language training solutions.

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Arabic Loanwords in English: From Syrup to Safaris

If someone asked you for an Arabic word that’s used in English, what would come to mind? Hummus? Tahini? Maybe falafel? Well, you’re right that these are all words that came into the English language from Arabic. And that’s not surprising, since words related to food are commonly transferred from one language into another. Hummus means “chickpeas” in Arabic, which is what the Middle Eastern dish is made of. According to many linguists, falafel can be traced to the Arabic word falaafil, the plural of filfil, meaning “pepper,” but also used to refer to small round things in earlier stages…

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Rosetta Stone Education encourages you to participate in this year’s Speak Up Survey

There’s only 2 weeks left to participate! Project Tomorrow is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering K-12 students, teachers and parents to have a larger voice in improving education and learning, especially in the areas of science, math and technology. The Speak Up Research Project annually collects and reports on the authentic views of almost 500,000 K-12 students, parents and educators on education issues each year. Since the launch of the survey this year 240,000 Students, Educators, Parents and Community Members have shared their ideas about the use of technology in education. Please take the survey today and…

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Disney Partners with Rosetta Stone

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Disney Interactive. 2013 has been an exciting year for Rosetta Stone, including the introduction of our Kids apps.*  Now we are joining forces with Disney to promote multicultural awareness and language learning to young children through the new Disney Interactive series It’s a Small World: The Animated Series. Disney designed its new online series to heighten kids’ knowledge of places and cultures around the world, while giving them an early edge in foreign-language skills. Young learners are introduced to a new word in Spanish in each episode, through a special language-learning segment dubbed “Words with Wazoh.” And they find…

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