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Happy Death: A History of Día de los Muertos

When was the last time you made a trip to a cemetery to visit the grave of a loved one—maybe to dust off a headstone or lay out some flowers? In the United States, many people do so on Memorial Day in May, which is when we honor veterans who died while serving in wars. But we don’t really have a holiday to pay tribute to everyone who has died under all circumstances. In Mexico, however, Día de los Muertos—“Day of the Dead”—is a holiday that does exactly that. An ancient Aztec festival Many people see the sugar skulls, face…

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Avanza Tu Inglés Usando Películas Infantiles

Si te pones a ver una película en inglés y tu único propósito es entretenerte, no hay ningún problema con ver la versión doblada al español o usar los subtítulos en español. Pero si estás viendo una película con la esperanza de aprender inglés, leer los subtítulos en español en realidad obstaculizará tu adquisición del idioma. Y claro, ¡la versión doblada no ayudará en nada a tu inglés! Hay cosas pequeñas que puedes hacer para modificar tu vida y empezar a aprender un poco más de inglés, día a día. Ver películas en inglés es una de ellas. Tienes que…

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How Public Works Employees Can Adjust To Increased U.S. Immigration

Police officers and EMS technicians play a critical role in public life. Unlike other public servants, they’re on the front lines, interacting with those they serve on a daily basis. In recent years, the increase in immigration has introduced new challenges to these employees as language barriers can obstruct clear communication between civilians and the officers and professionals who work to keep them safe. This highlights a need for public organizations to invest in foreign language training to maintain the best possible service within these communities. Changing populations The U.S. population has been rapidly changing shape in recent years due…

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Rosetta Stone Serves Up Language for the FIVB

We’re proud to announce that Rosetta Stone has established a global partnership with the world’s largest sports federation, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). As the new official language-learning partner of the FIVB, Rosetta Stone will provide our trusted language-learning solutions to the referees and staff of the federation with the goal of helping all referees become proficient in English. “How effectively our players and referees communicate during matches is critical to the success of our sport,” said Ary S. Graça, president of the FIVB. “Language diversity has significant impact on how we’re currently playing the game. We knew we had…

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Vocabulario: Actividades del Otoño

Aquí en el hemisferio norte, estamos en pleno otoño, y eso significa que hay una gran variedad de actividades muy divertidas para hacer. Tal vez te habrás dado cuenta de que en los Estados Unidos hay tradiciones que no había en tu país de origen, y por lo tanto, a lo mejor no estás familiarizado con las frases que se usan para describir este tipo de actividades. Te compartimos una lista de palabras en inglés para que puedas hablar de tus planes en este mes. To go to a pumpkin patch (Ir a una huerta de calabazas) Ejemplo: Let’s go…

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How You Can Cultivate Strong Leaders In Your Workforce

Most everyone knows the old adage that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In a similar vein, strong leadership can make or break a team. Thus, it’s in a company’s best interest to make sure that it invests sufficient resources and time into either locating or cultivating strong leaders. Of course, determining what qualities make for the strongest leaders can be a topic of some debate. While specific industries may impose their own restrictions and special needs that shape what makes for a valuable leader, there are a few more general soft skills that can help…

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Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool

Homeschool parents are always looking for quality programs to assist them in giving their children the best in homeschool education. Rosetta Stone recognizes the importance in giving young language learners, and now young readers, the tools they need to engage, learn, and excel in their academic careers. That’s why we’ve developed Rosetta Stone® Reading for Homeschool. What is Rosetta Stone Reading for Homeschool? Built in partnership with Lexia Learning—the proven learning method for 1.4 million young readers—this interactive learning system is built on the foundations of a research-proven, technology-based approach to reading instruction. Intended for grades pre-K to…

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Empower Students and Faculty with Tech

It’s no secret that empowering students is key to successful instruction. But what, exactly, is “empowerment” in the higher education context? As noted by Faculty Focus, empowered students understand the importance of what they’re learning, believe they can succeed, and feel they have a choice in both the goals and methods of learning. But students starting out in a required language course may feel insecure and dependent on their language instructor. How can language instructors prevail in fostering the attitudes of empowerment, in spite of the challenges of large class sizes or limited classroom time? Technology-based solutions can boost what…

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Speaking the Language of Employee Engagement

Continued employee development should be a priority for managers and HR professionals. Hiring is about more than just finding talent – it’s an investment in your employees, who are your greatest business asset. Encouraging development can improve results, making management and executives happy, and also reduce turnover, alleviating headaches for HR. Beyond conveying necessary job information, offering staff resources to pursue personal development has also been found to have positive effects on engagement and retention. One such outside-the-box offering that has been embraced by more companies in recent years is corporate language training. While especially useful for companies that have…

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Education Becoming a Primary Focus of Rosetta Stone

Judy Verses, president of Rosetta Stone Global Enterprise & Education (E&E), recently gave an interview to Forbes about the company’s renewed approach to the education market through acquisitions and a focus on providing better service for that sector. Although some new competitors are entering the language-learning market as a whole, they are more focused on the private consumer. Rosetta Stone has the track record and resources to deliver a better blended-learning approach to larger institutions in the K-12 and higher education markets. The power of the education market “Enterprise and education is all about serving the needs of corporate, government,…

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