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Elementary Students Level with High Schoolers in New Immersion Study

In what is thought to be the first research study into the efficacy of immersion learning in foreign languages, students from Palo Alto’s Ohlone Elementary have comparable skills in Mandarin as high school students who are studying the language in Advanced Placement courses. The study was authored by Stanford University and focused on fourth and fifth graders from the elementary school. The students have spent at least half their day instructed in their core subjects in Mandarin throughout their time at the school. The other half of the day is spent receiving instruction in English. The researchers also found that…

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Bridging the Gap Between Business and HR Language Strategy

You would think that business line leaders and human resource departments would work together in their shared interest of developing the most competent talent pool they can. When the business needs employees with a certain set of skills, HR can help find or grow that talent. That apparently isn’t the case when it comes to language learning. Even though 90% of business line leaders cite a lack of language proficiency as a key challenge for their teams, only 1 in 3 of them consult their HR departments to help them bridge that gap. From the business leader’s perspective From the…

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The Growth of Immersion Education and Its Shortage of Teachers

Dual language education programs are seen as a key strategy in both closing the achievement gap for the nation’s ever-growing ELL population as well as making English-speaking students more competitive in the international economy. Naturally, these programs are becoming more and more popular across the country. Their numbers have increased ten-fold over the past decade or so. The more dual language’s efficacy was studied, the more benefits were found, leading to states and districts more aggressively meeting this need. The national demand 37 states and the District of Columbia feature dual language education programs in more than 20 available languages,…

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Rosetta Stone for the 2015 Best of Elearning! Awards

Elearning! Magazine is the leading publication of the enterprise learning market, a market that is now worth $220 billion and growing. It’s the premier place for business leaders to find out about best practices and the latest developments in enterprise learning technologies. Fittingly, Elearning! also produces the annual Best of Elearning! awards, which recognize the users’ choices in the best learning platforms and tools across the enterprise learning industry. We have no doubt that Rosetta Stone Business deserves consideration as one of those learning platforms and would appreciate your nomination to help make that happen. If you’ve had great success…

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What You Missed: The Global Communication Skills Workshop

Recently, Sheerin Vesin, HR Practice Lead and Marketing Manager, and DeShaun Wise, Sr. Global HR Business Partner, at Rosetta Stone presented at the SHRM 2015 Annual Conference and Exposition. Here are some of the highlights from their enlightening presentation. The lay of the land As we are well aware by now, businesses are leveraging emerging markets for growth. Consumption in these markets is expected to top $30 trillion in ten years! Not surprisingly, 71% of business leaders plan to grow their companies in markets where English is not the primary language. But there is a disconnect between those needs and the…

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Dave & Buster’s Gives Employees an Opportunity to Grow Through Language Learning

Dave & Buster’s Gives Employees an Opportunity to Grow Through Language Learning: A Conversation with Dave & Buster’s Director of Training Chris Schricker. Since 1982, Dave & Buster’s has provided a fun and entertaining dining experience across the country and in Canada. Its mix of great food, drinks, and arcade games has expanded to 76 locations, with 10 percent new locations added every year. Because company culture is critically important, this expansion has been primarily fueled through internal training and promotion. “One of our Company Culture Pillars is “Everybody is Somebody” so we feel team members have the potential for…

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What Goes into Learning a Language?

Choosing a language to learn is often based on need. If a teacher has a high population of a certain ethnicity, they would probably choose that ethnicity’s language. If a businessman is opening a new office in Japan, it would be Japanese. But what about those people lucky enough to choose to learn any language in the world? What should they pick? It turns out that there’s been a lot of work done on what makes certain languages easier to learn. To start, a language can be broken up into three basic components: Phonology – the sounds used in the…

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Bilinguals Can “See” Into Others’ Minds

Add the understanding of other minds to the list of benefits produced by bilingualism. Humans are not born with the idea that the minds of other people have different contents. In that way, we are self-absorbed. It’s only through gradual experience that we begin to understand that others might have a different point of view. Even some adults have trouble understanding that concept. The new research In a study, researchers have seemed to find that children who speak more than one language develop the “theory of mind” ability earlier and can keep it stronger. Drs. Samantha Fan and Zoe Liberman…

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New White House Budget Includes Funds for ELL Education and Community Outreach

In the FY 2016 budget the White House just submitted to Congress, funding for ELL education and outreach was increased $36 million to $773 million overall. With that increase in funding comes a new plan for addressing the nation’s fastest-growing segment of the student population. “The target here is to shift our language in how we describe English-learners from a deficit approach to one that is asset-based…to really look at English-learners as a national asset and investment in contrast to thinking of English-learners as a problem or challenge coming to our school districts,” said Libia Gil, the head of the…

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Rosetta Stone Proudly Exhibiting at SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Rosetta Stone will be proudly exhibiting and giving a presentation at this year’s SHRM Annual Conference & Exhibition. The conference runs from Sunday, June 28th to Wednesday, July 1st in Las Vegas. With over 200 concurrent sessions and 700 exhibitors, SHRM is the largest human resources event in the world. This year’s featured speakers include the winningest coach in NCAA basketball history, “Coach K” Mike Kzryzewski, as well as the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, Mika Brzezinski, worldwide speaker Marcus Buckingham, and television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz. The SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exhibition is closed with a performance from…

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