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A Glance at Global Leadership

GLOBAL BUSINESS EXPERTS SERIES:  No one needs to argue that we live in a complex world and we face many challenges doing business globally. Your business’ success or failure often depend on how well your leaders perform. Do they possess the flexibility to lead? Do they have the humility to learn? Do they have the fluency to move around the world with ease? Is your internal leadership development program equipped to raise the competency of your leaders in order to help your business navigate successfully around the world in this turbulent time? After years of supporting businesses and their leaders…

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Language Learning for Parental Involvement

When we think of ELL students, we tend to think only of helping the students reach proficiency. While that is obviously the primary goal, the objective of success in school is made much easier if parents are engaged with the student’s learning. According to a 2001 US Department of Education study, students with involved parents are 51 percent more likely to enjoy school and earn 52 percent more A grades. Family participation is twice as indicative of student academic success as socio-economic status. Barriers for entry among ELL parents A barrier for parental involvement among ELL parents is their own…

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Bringing HR and Lines of Business Together: Meet Cynthia, HR Director

This is the first in a series focusing on two personas in a company, the head of HR and the Global Managing Director, using the Rosetta Stone Driving Global Readiness Toolkit to improve the language skill set of the company’s employees and helping to fulfill the strategic goals of both departments. Meet Cynthia. She is the Director of Learning & Development for a growing company that is looking to further expand its operations globally. Although she likes the work and the company, she finds it hard to be treated as a crucial member of the staff. She sees a shift in…

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Meeting the Adult ESOL Challenge

Adult learners come into ESL classes with a range of existing skills, from barely educated in their native language to holding advanced degrees. It’s important for an adult ESL program to engage learners at each end of across the spectrum. Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL uses Rosetta Stone® technology to meet these goals. They help their students succeed by: Supplementing classroom instruction Increasing adult ESL participation Helping improve CASAS scores View our new webinar, Meeting the Adult ESOL Challenge, to learn more. Supplementing classroom instruction Although using language-learning technology alone has proven to be effective, in the ESL…

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Leadership Means Speaking to the Heart

Language skills in the workplace are about much more than just being able to communicate your needs effectively. If that were the case, you could just hire a translator. It would be an exchange of words, but there wouldn’t be any connection. When a person speaks another’s language—even if it’s just an attempt—you are speaking directly to the heart. That could be the difference between being memorable and being forgotten, between making the sale and coming home empty-handed. That’s the experience of Ferrero Executive Vice President Worldwide Arturo Cardelus. He represents the interests of the chocolate and candy empire around…

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Leadership Training: Are You Fostering Colonizers?

In today’s globally-connected economy, international business is a prerequisite for many organizations. Executives are being sent around the world to open new markets and add revenue streams. Are those executives diplomats or colonizers? Arturo Cardelus, Executive Vice President Worldwide of the Ferrero chocolate and candy empire, explains the difference in Rosetta Stone’s new user testimonial, “Leading from the Heart Through Language”. “If you go to a country and you don’t speak their language, you are colonizing. Because you are there as a manager or director, and you are demanding they speak your language! This is never the right way to…

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How to Stop Being Just Another Corporate Extraction

We all have a vision of the corporate road warrior, an executive that hops from one place to another to lend some direction or expertise from the point of view of the home office. Of course, effectiveness is dependent mostly on the skills of the executive, but it’s usually an uphill battle. Few managers are humble enough to enjoy an outsider coming in with their viewpoints. Now imagine how much more uphill that battle is when the road warrior is in a different country, working with people with whom they might have a significant communication divide. There are ways to…

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The Language of Healthy Labor Relations

The days of “our way or the highway” are over. If businesses want to compete on a level playing field, they need to embrace the United States’ growing international population. More than 40 million people five years of age or older speak a language other than English at home now. Those are workers, students, and neighborhood leaders—all of whom might eventually be coming to your company to work. Although the dominant language in the organization might be English, meeting these employees in the middle has benefits that are both tangible and not. Making a difference in workplace safety First, the…

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Celebrating Diversity at Work

May 21st is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. The United Nations established this day in the wake of the September 11th attacks as a way to draw awareness to the possibilities held in the world’s diverse cultures, as well as opportunities in the developing world. Cultural diversity is increasingly important to the business landscape, where teams could be made up of managers in the US, customer service in India, and manufacturing in China. Here are some ideas on ways you can recognize this important day and what it stands for. Multicultural potluck – Everyone loves potlucks.…

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The ROI of International Business and Languages

We all have the nebulous and sometimes daunting idea that the road to business growth lies overseas. Organizations spend millions of dollars to establish a presence in emerging markets. They hire employees from around the world. But do we really have an idea of how well this is working? What is the return on investment? Last year, we commissioned a survey of 500 executives of companies with more than 500 employees in offices all over the world. The results have been made available in a handy infographic entitled Business Value in Language. We sought to break down the language needs…

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