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[Video] Making the Most of EdTech for ELLs

The nation’s population of students classified as English Language Learners is expected to make up one third of the US public school enrollment within a decade. Every district is at its own state of readiness when it comes to this fast-growing challenge, which means any solution considered should take the district’s needs into account. Our new video, ELL Solutions for K-12, discusses how that goal is accomplished and the benefits you can bring to your students. These ELL students swelling our schools come to us with varying skill sets, from a high level of proficiency that only needs help in…

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The Art of Language: A K-12 Student Contest

Calling all language teachers and students in K-12! Rosetta Stone Education invites you to participate in our latest contest, The Art of Language. Submit your students’ artwork—inspired by their language studies—for a chance to win a prize for your classroom! The contest will run April 5 – April 30, 2017. All submissions will then be shared back with you for voting. The twelve student art pieces with the most votes will win a pizza or ice cream party for their classroom and be featured in the Rosetta Stone 2017-18 school year calendar! To participate and enter your submission: Read the contest terms and…

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The 3rd Most Powerful Language in the World: French

Putting a French accent on business.  How can the #3 language in our countdown of the world’s 10 most powerful languages contribute to your global business success? If your partners are located in certain parts of Canada, Africa, Europe, or Southeast Asia, familiarity with French can help you power up your first impression. French is not only France’s official language; it is also #3 on the Power Language Index. How did a language with 80 million native speakers score so well on the index? The World Economic Forum found that the broad geographic reach of French, plus its top score…

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[NEW eBook] Six Steps Toward ELL Success

The influx of English Language Learners into our nation’s schools is catching quite a few districts flat-footed. States that haven’t seen mass migration in decades find themselves having to make accommodations for language learners. Make no mistake: this is vital work. This crop of ELL students represents the future of America and the promise of skills native English speakers strive to acquire. To help everyone experience success in these challenging times, we’ve collected six steps to consider in our new eBook, Six Steps Toward ELL Success. Who are the American ELLs? ELLs make up 10 percent of today’s public school…

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The 4th Most Powerful Language in the World: Spanish

Knowing Spanish helps grow business.  For many, separating personal and business lives is routine. However, in Mexico, business colleagues often blend the two. There is a high expectation of hospitality as a way of building a personal relationship, the first step in establishing a business relationship. Learning the nuances of any business environment will help you to power up your first impression. Spanish is Mexico’s official language, and #4 on the Power Language Index we use to guide our language countdown series. Mexico remains one of the top US import-export partners, and using Spanish can be beneficial when doing business…

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[NEW Infographic] Meeting the ELL Challenge

The growing English Language Learner (ELL) population is one of the dominant topics in American education today. It’s also one of the most pressing; the achievement gap between ELLs and their English-speaking counterparts is only growing. Our new infographic, Meeting the ELL Challenge, is all about ELL education in 2017. Who are these students? What skills are they entering our schools with? What challenges do they face? And finally, how can we help them succeed? Who are the American ELLs? ELLs make up 10 percent of today’s public school enrollment, with that number projected to increase to 25 percent within…

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The 5th Most Powerful Language in the World: Arabic

You Say Giraffe, I Say Zarafa A word in one language that sounds similar in another language is often a loanword. Its journey can pass through several languages, further modifying the pronunciation until it reaches your language. Have you sat on a sofa and put sugar in your coffee? The italicized words originate in Arabic and are transliterated suffa, sukkar, and qahwa. This ancient language continues to evolve and claims the #5 ranking as one of world’s ten most powerful languages. Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and nearly two dozen other nations, and continues…

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The 6th Most Powerful Language in the World: Russian

Even Astronauts Learn Russian Today our series spotlight shines on Russian, #6 on the list of the world’s ten most powerful languages. English is often called the international language of business, but things are a bit different in space. According to Commander Tim Peake, training for his mission to the International Space Station (ISS) had one difficult speed bump. To qualify, the Briton was required to learn Russian. There’s little room inside the Space Station for miscommunication. After all, it’s a workplace traveling at nearly five miles per second, 249 miles above the Earth—and a high-altitude example of the challenges…

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The 7th Most Powerful Language in the World: German

German: A Key Language In The European Union We’re glad you’ve joined us as we continue our countdown journey of the world’s ten most powerful languages. This week we focus on the #7 language on the list—German. In addition to being the official language of Germany, Europe’s largest economy, German is also an official language of Switzerland and one of the most widely used languages in the European Union. We’ll share some helpful phrases and business protocol tips below, but first, a recent example of how a common expression in English can give Germans pause. A US business manager attending…

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The 8th Most Powerful Language in the World: Japanese

In feudal Japan, a samurai warrior would yell Mi no hodo o shire! or know your place! when someone did not act according to custom. Failing to show proper respect could result in severe consequences. Today, showing respect and courtesy in Japan no longer requires such firm reminders. This week we move our spotlight to the #8 language in our series on the world’s ten most powerful languages, Japanese. Being mindful of current customs and business protocols is a key step toward successful business engagement with Japanese-speaking colleagues. Let’s first review how that list of powerful languages was created. The…

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