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The 9th Most Powerful Language in the World: Portuguese

Language was a major export of countries that once colonized territories around the globe. Over the centuries, many of those territories became independent nations that embraced those languages. How business is conducted globally has changed for the better, but language remains at the center of partner and customer engagement. Portuguese is a dramatic example, and this week occupies the #9 language spot in our countdown series highlighting the world’s ten most powerful languages. Portugal now has 10.8 million speakers, while its former colony Brazil has grown into one of the world’s major nations. Its population numbers more than 205 million…

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Celebrating March As Language Learning Month

March 5-11 is the 60th anniversary of Alpha Mu Gamma’s National Foreign Language Week. This is a great opportunity for those of us concerned with the state of foreign language education in the United States to reflect on where we’ve been, celebrate the good work we are currently doing, and share ideas on how we can make our field better in the coming year. National Foreign Language Week started in 1957 as a way to raise awareness of the importance of foreign language study in the United States. That message has only become more important as immigration has reached historic…

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The 10th Most Powerful Language in the World: Hindi

Transliterating a word or phrase in one language means we have represented or spelled them in another language. Let’s look at a typical expression. When someone in your organization often fails to deliver what they promised, you might say that person was “all talk and no action.” In Hindi, that idiom is a bit more colorful; thotha chana baje ghana, meaning “A hollow lentil makes more noise.” Our series on the world’s ten most powerful languages continues with a look at Hindi, an official language of India. In a nation with many regional languages, Hindi remains the most used first…

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[Webinar] Blended Learning Insights & Lesson Design Strategies

Rosetta Stone invites you to a new and timely webinar, “Engage Students and Enhance Your World Language Classroom”, to be presented Wednesday, February 15, from 3:00 pm—4:00 pm EST. This live session will be led by Gisele Vazquez Falls, World Languages Department Chair at Tallwood High School in Virginia. Join us as she shares: Strategies for including online resources into daily lesson plans Steps to successfully mix traditional and online instruction in your language program Tips to maximize teacher reach and differentiate instruction Ways to build students’ proficiency during and outside of class Click here to register for “Engage Students…

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Speaking the Most Powerful Languages in the World

It is no surprise that we are passionate about language learning. We believe knowing a language broadens horizons and opens new doors to brand new people, ideas, and experiences. When you speak with someone you make an impression—talking at a busy conference in the middle of a crowd, or chatting across a conference table getting a new customer. What you say helps shape that impression. Join us as we launch a new blog series to explore the world’s most influential languages, as ranked by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Follow us on this journey for the next couple of months,…

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Beyond the Heart – 5 (Other) Symbols of Love

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Do you have your chocolates and/or flowers and/or jewelry ready? Giving roses and heart-shaped everything has always been a popular way to show affection for your significant other. But if you’d like to switch it up this year, consider surprising your better half with one of these lesser-known symbols of love. Apples While we tend to equate the image of an apple with teachers or even doctors, apples have been a representation of love since ancient times. The story of Adam and Eve doesn’t actually specify that the forbidden fruit was an apple, but most…

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[Infographic] The Formula for Language-Learning Success

Balancing all the elements of a global business isn’t easy, and a key element in the equation is communication. If your employees can’t communicate with their peers (or worse their customers) your business will fail. Proper language-learning tools will make the difference between missed opportunities and better outcomes for your business—but finding the right solution can seem like a challenge. View this infographic to learn more about the formula for language-learning success. Five elements of language learning How can global businesses produce better language-learning results? A good way to start is by considering these critical elements that should be a…

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[Infographic] The Rise of Language-Learning Technology in K-12

Technology is changing education so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with developments. That is particularly true in the language-learning space. That’s why we produced our latest infographic, “The Rise of Language-Learning Technology in K-12”. It covers the myriad of benefits classroom teachers are experiencing when they bring technology into their language classrooms, how it can enhance student outcomes, and the possibilities that are available to meet every classroom’s needs. Click here to download your copy of the infographic, “The Rise of Language-Learning Technology in K-12”. We start with up-to-date statistics and facts revolving around the considerable speed…

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[NEW eBook] The Pros and Cons of an English-Only Workplace

Using English – the most popular language for business worldwide – as your lingua franca may seem like a great way to streamline processes and ease communications between employees. There are definitely some positives. But in many situations, you could be doing more harm than good. Our new eBook, Language Strategy: The Pros & Cons of an English-Only Workplace, goes into depth on this topic – including a relevant case study. Click here to access the eBook. When one language is forced on an organization, a few things can happen: Language becomes a blind spot: When a lingua franca is adopted, organizations…

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The Power of Language: Building Relationships and Bridging Gaps

Sharing a language brings people together. Fortunately, so does sharing a cultural vision with like-minded organizations. Global Citizen Year, Youth for Understanding, and Language Matters are three programs closely aligned with our own Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education mission. As partners, we believe students need to develop global cultural competence and language skills that will contribute to their world readiness. Global Citizen Year Global Citizen Year transforms gap years into bridge years for talented high school graduates ready to gain real-world experience before pursuing college or careers. This Oakland-based nonprofit’s program combines cultural immersion, cross-sector apprenticeships, and leadership training in an…

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