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[Infographic] The Formula for Language-Learning Success

Balancing all the elements of a global business isn’t easy, and a key element in the equation is communication. If your employees can’t communicate with their peers (or worse their customers) your business will fail. Proper language-learning tools will make the difference between missed opportunities and better outcomes for your business—but finding the right solution can seem like a challenge. View this infographic to learn more about the formula for language-learning success. Five elements of language learning How can global businesses produce better language-learning results? A good way to start is by considering these critical elements that should be a…

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[Infographic] The Rise of Language-Learning Technology in K-12

Technology is changing education so rapidly that it can be hard to keep up with developments. That is particularly true in the language-learning space. That’s why we produced our latest infographic, “The Rise of Language-Learning Technology in K-12”. It covers the myriad of benefits classroom teachers are experiencing when they bring technology into their language classrooms, how it can enhance student outcomes, and the possibilities that are available to meet every classroom’s needs. Click here to download your copy of the infographic, “The Rise of Language-Learning Technology in K-12”. We start with up-to-date statistics and facts revolving around the considerable speed…

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[NEW eBook] The Pros and Cons of an English-Only Workplace

Using English – the most popular language for business worldwide – as your lingua franca may seem like a great way to streamline processes and ease communications between employees. There are definitely some positives. But in many situations, you could be doing more harm than good. Our new eBook, Language Strategy: The Pros & Cons of an English-Only Workplace, goes into depth on this topic – including a relevant case study. Click here to access the eBook. When one language is forced on an organization, a few things can happen: Language becomes a blind spot: When a lingua franca is adopted, organizations…

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The Power of Language: Building Relationships and Bridging Gaps

Sharing a language brings people together. Fortunately, so does sharing a cultural vision with like-minded organizations. Global Citizen Year, Youth for Understanding, and Language Matters are three programs closely aligned with our own Rosetta Stone Enterprise and Education mission. As partners, we believe students need to develop global cultural competence and language skills that will contribute to their world readiness. Global Citizen Year Global Citizen Year transforms gap years into bridge years for talented high school graduates ready to gain real-world experience before pursuing college or careers. This Oakland-based nonprofit’s program combines cultural immersion, cross-sector apprenticeships, and leadership training in an…

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The Rise of the Micro-Multinational

The misperception that multinational businesses are only huge conglomerates with offices around the world persists, but is becoming less and less accurate. Instead, so-called “micro-multinationals” have leveraged technology and social media to grow their businesses internationally without having to rent space or designate a company “road warrior”. For them, the world is about finding the right talent and isolating the customers who would be most interested in their products – whether those customers are in Tallahassee or Thailand. In a recent interview for Industry Today, HSBC Bank Executive Vice President Mark Luppi, described just how social media helps these companies…

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Join Educators from Across the Country to #GetLanguageReady

The state of language learning in the United States is about to reach a crisis point. The world economy is becoming more reliant on language skills in order to reach professional success. Meanwhile, the nation’s foreign language programs continue to be one of the first considerations when it’s time to close budget deficits. That’s why we’ve decided to raise awareness of these coming challenges by imploring everyone to #GetLanguageReady. Our new #GetLanguageReady site has a wealth of new information in order for you to become familiar with the state of language skills in our schools and around the world, as…

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Meet Luis: From ELL student to Stanford Undergrad

Perhaps our most rewarding feeling is knowing that we are having a deep impact on students’ lives. Luis Govea Moreno of Irving, Texas came to the United States seven years ago from Mexico with very limited English skills. He was enrolled in the Irving School District’s ELL program, which uses Rosetta Stone as a supplement to in-person instruction. “As I was progressing in English, I was able to apply that knowledge to the other classes. I was able to understand what the math teacher was saying. I was able to know what the science teacher was saying. Just learning English…

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4 Reasons Why Language Students Value EdTech

By Timmy Sullivan* As a student who graduated from a 1:1 iPad school that has been praised for its use of technology, I cannot stress enough the importance of technology in the classroom. Whether speaking internationally at conferences or reaching a global audience through my blog, my message remains the same: technology is a means to stimulate student interest, as well as personalize the classroom environment. Below is my list of four reasons why EdTech enhances language learning: 1. Develop Multiple Proficiencies When learning language, it is extremely important to develop both active and passive proficiencies. Often times learners will…

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Mooresville Graded School District’s Success Is on Display

We get excited when we have the opportunity to hear from customers on the ground who are actually using our products and can see the differences they are making in their students. And because not everyone can go visit these sites, that feedback comes in the form of videos that we are happy to share. Our latest is from the Mooresville Graded School District in North Carolina, a district of about 6,000 students that sees language learning as being critical to the future success of their students. Mooresville has been forward-thinking for many years in terms of using technology in…

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[NEW eBook] A Reality Check on World Language Education

The American education system is facing two divergent scenarios. On the one hand, budgets remain stagnant. World language programs are being cut. In many areas, there are widespread teacher shortages. On the other, the world’s economy grows more multinational by the day. Foreign language skills, which were once only a “nice to have” for expatriate workers, are now necessary in most sectors of the economy – even for students who will never step foot in a foreign country during their careers. This growing gap and some possible solutions inspired our new eBook, “Closing the World Language Education Gap”. Click here…

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