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Video Contest: Hit Record and Win a Trip to NYC

Has language training been a catalyst for your career? If so, we want to hear from you! Enter our video contest for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime prize. The winner and a guest will receive a $3,000 trip to New York City – with paid accommodations – and will join us at the New York Stock Exchange as we ring the Bell on Friday, September 16! To enter: (1) Fill out this form to secure your entry (2) Record a 60-second (or less) video telling us “How has language-learning been a catalyst for your career?” (3) Send a link to…

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Public Funding Sources for Language-Learning

Our latest infographic, Funding Sources for Language Learning, goes through the updated state of governmental education funding in the United States. One of the lowlights: Congress has cut education funding by 20% in the past five years. That being said, even though the pool may be a little shallower, there’s still quite a bit of money available to help your school bring its language-learning program into the 21st century. But what exactly are these sources and how can they be utilized to provide greater language-learning capabilities in your school or district? Federal sources As you may have heard, the country…

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Driving Business Success with Confident Communication

By Peter Brussard, SVP of Product Management at Rosetta Stone – Employees don’t work in a vacuum. Communicating with colleagues, clients, and partners in today’s multilingual workplace is absolutely essential in order to meet individual and company goals. Overcoming language barriers that negatively impact employee performance is an important objective of language training. In a recent survey of Rosetta Stone® business product users, 71% of respondents said language training improved their job performance. Confidently speaking and communicating with colleagues is a springboard for collaboration. Rosetta Stone language learning programs recognize the diverse learning needs of each employee and provide: Lessons…

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Private Sources for Language-Learning Dollars

Even though the economy has rebounded and tax rolls are starting to grow again, education funding is still being held to pre-Recession levels. Nationwide, per-pupil spending has decreased three years in a row. To keep a certain level of innovation in the classroom, teachers and schools often turn to private grant sources – especially for new technology. Finding the right source can make your school’s language learning dreams come true! But what are these sources and what are the easiest ways to tap in? Foundations and corporations Private education funding tends to come from two general sources: foundations and corporations.…

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[Infographic] Funding Sources for Language Learning

The country’s schools are now majority-minority and one third of students are expected to be considered English learners by 2020, while only 18% of K-12 students study a foreign language for an average of two years. The economy has rebounded from the recent economic crisis and tax rolls are starting to fill again. Yet, education funding – and language studies in particular – has not recovered. Recently, it was found that per-pupil spending decreased for the third straight year in 2012-13 (the most recent nationwide data we have). That’s not to say that there aren’t significant amounts of money available—if…

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How Confidence Fuels Effective Communication

by Judy Verses, President of Global Enterprise and Education at Rosetta Stone – Confident employees express themselves clearly with internal and external stakeholders. Without speaking confidence, the drive to connect and innovate is stifled—to the detriment of the business. 70% of business learners in a recent survey said their language confidence increased after using a Rosetta Stone® program. That confidence creates momentum that drives business success. Focusing on three key areas can set the stage for that success. Develop deeper workforce intelligence Employee language skills can fall into an organizational blind spot. It’s difficult to stay on top off all…

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Rosetta Stone and Global Citizen Year Build Pipeline of Global Leaders

What if all college freshmen arrived on campus after a transformational global bridge year? What if today’s students arrived not burnt out but with a set of burning questions? Global Citizen Year is on a mission to make a “bridge year” after high school a new rite of passage in American education. The Oakland-based nonprofit immerses a diverse corps of Fellows in communities in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to build self-awareness, global skills, and grit – the foundations for success in college and beyond. The program combines cultural immersion, cross-sector apprenticeships, and leadership training across the arc of a…

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Understanding Cultural Differences Between Seemingly Similar Cultures

Global organizations invest millions of dollars a year on international assignments. One of the critical pieces that more and more companies are including as a part of that investment is cultural training. Over time it’s been proven that international assignments are more successful for both the individual and his/her family, and the organization, when an investment is made to support the adaptation to a new host country’s culture and business environment. But what about when the cultures are similar such as the Canada-U.S., Australia-New Zealand, and the U.K.-U.S.? Is it really necessary to spend the time and money on a…

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[Sweepstakes] Score Swag on Social

Follow us in our social communities and enter our sweepstakes for a chance to win some awesome swag! From Monday, July 25 to Friday, July 29, we’ll select and announce a daily winner. Winners will receive a free limited edition Rosetta Stone Swag Pack. Sign up for your chance to make life at work more enjoyable by winning great office goodies. Each Swag pack includes a: Computer messenger bag Adjustable mesh cap Mobile charger Travel coffee mug, and more! To ensure your entry counts for the sweepstakes, simply: (1) Fill out this form AND (2) Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter,…

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The Skill Graduates Need Most

The results of a recent survey capturing the skills employers want most out of their new hires may surprise you. Instead of writing, visual, or electronic communication skills, employers identified speaking as their most desired skill from recent graduates. Verbal skills include interpersonal communication, presenting and listening skills, as well as team or group work. They simply touch more aspects of business life than the others. Electronic skills, while rising in importance as technology affects evermore facets of work, ranked second in the study. 52 employers in the engineering, business, health sciences, and social work fields responded to the survey.…

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