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Rosetta Stone® Travel Apps—Gearing Up to Score a GOOOOOOOAL!

The newly released Rosetta Stone® Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition app is now available for both English and German speakers*! Like our other Travel apps, which help you learn the basics in French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish, the Rosetta Stone® Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition will help you navigate your way through your Brazilian travels—and any soccer game you may stumble upon this summer. What can I learn in this app? Using our dynamic immersion method of language learning, you’ll have access to language lessons, vocabulary, and practice in speaking—plus, you’ll get pronunciation assistance with our proprietary speech-recognition technology. We’ve also…

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The Importance Of Positive Company Culture

For HR professionals responsible for attracting and hiring top talent, it’s important to understand what most motivates today’s workforce. Recent economic turbulence may make the prospect of courting employees through more conventional means like aggressive salary packages seem less than ideal. With that in mind, what can companies lean on to pull in the best employees in lieu of inflated financial compensation? You may be surprised to learn that what attracts new employees today even more than money is company culture. In fact, a survey conducted by reported that 87 percent of candidates want an employer that “truly cares…

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Highlighting Charter Success at the National Charter Schools Conference

It’s becoming apparent that language learning equates to success in the multilingual, 21st century economy. To that end, a leading charter middle school in Houston is using to build communication skills in its students that translate into better high school preparedness and the skills necessary to be equipped for life in college and career. At the National Charter Schools Conference in Las Vegas, from June 29th–July 2nd, Rosetta Stone will sponsor, exhibit, and present on how to prepare our students to compete in the world economy with online language programs. The conference is the largest gathering of educators, government officials, and business…

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What You Should Know About Social Learning

One of the challenges HR professionals face is how to manage and disseminate training materials effectively across a company’s many offices. In recent years, there has been a surge of new tools making use of mobile and web technologies to seamlessly supplement or replace more outdated corporate training programs. While adopting and familiarizing yourself with new technologies is a great way to evolve your company’s HR practices for the future, it’s worth noting that you have one of your most important training resources available close at hand that should not be overlooked: your employees. Social media has proven itself to…

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Rosetta Stone Users Give our Products a Thumbs Up!

Rosetta Stone learners frequently write in to share their stories and give us feedback on how their Rosetta Stone language-learning systems are helping them connect with people, expand their worlds, and feel encouraged to continue with their studies. Here are three such stories that may sound familiar to you!   • Language can help you bridge gaps and share experiences with others. Susan Zivec Product: Rosetta Stone Spanish Review: I received my Rosetta Stone package (Latin American Spanish) in mid-December and went to Mexico for a holiday in mid-January. I took small children’s toys and crafts to leave for the…

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Rosetta Stone® iPhone and Android Apps Selected as Finalists for the Tabby Awards

We are proud to announce that three of our tablet learning apps have been selected as Finalists for the Tabby Awards: the only competition acknowledging the best tablet apps worldwide, for both consumers and businesses. In its June 4, 2014, press release, the Tabby Awards stated: The Tabby Awards judging panel has shortlisted the best apps and games for Android and iPad tablets. Now is the time for tablet users to weigh in. New York, June 4, 2014 — The Tabby Awards, the global competition for the best tablet apps, announces today the Finalists of its 2014 consumer app competition. Over…

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International Leaders Believe the Future of Education is a Hybrid One

At the Princeton-Fung Global Forum that took place this April, where roughly 300 college administrators, professors, and education experts primarily from the United States and Europe gathered to discuss the future of higher education, online and blended learning was a hot topic of discussion. The Princeton University News, in their article ‘MOOC World’, covered highlights from the second day of the event, which included panels on critical issues such as access, online education, and “How to Think About Universities in the Global Age”: • According to Daphne Koller, a co-founder of Coursera, a MOOC (massive open online course) provider, and…

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Easy Ways for International Students to Improve Their Conversational English

Students from overseas are coming to study in the United States in record numbers—over 800,000 last year alone. Of course, they all have varying levels of comfort with the English language, especially when trying to converse with native speakers. Improving those skills can expand your experience while studying here in America. Here are some easy ways to speed up the process. Make American friends Many international students come to the US and then hang out with people like them: other international students. Immersion is the quickest way to learn a language, so immerse yourself in American social settings. This solves…

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Career Advice for College Students

Graduates like you have forever been faced with question marks staring them down at the end of their commencement walk. “What will the future hold for me?” “Am I ready for what’s to come?” “Is my cap on straight?” Like millions of graduates before you, you’ve done your best to prepare for what’s to come, and you’ve followed the advice of your parents and counselors—even that of old friends or trusted resources. As the industry leader in language learning, we’d like to give you and the rest of this year’s grads some advice that we see as paramount for succeeding…

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The Best Souvenirs from around the World

As you prepare for your summer travels you may be thinking about what to bring home as a reminder of the fun times and adventures you’re about to undertake. We’ve compiled a list of popular items that will help you focus your shopping eye on the best souvenir options for you—and your budget. Read the Full Transcript Furniture and Home Decor. Decorating your home with the wares of your destination will add a certain flare to your living space and remind you of the places you saw, sat, and stayed. Local Art. From its history to its landscape, traditions,…

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