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¿Tu Propósito para el 2015? ¡Aprender Inglés!

    Falta poco para llegar al 2015. ¿Ya tienes listos tus propósitos de año nuevo? Si quieres unas ideas, puedes ver la lista que recopiló el gobierno de los Estados Unidos de los propósitos más populares. Y si pones el aprender inglés como tu propósito número uno, hay por lo menos tres más en la lista que también puedes lograr. Aquí vemos cómo. Obtener una mejor educación La mayoría de los programas técnicos requieren que antes de tomar los cursos para tu carrera, tienes que lograr un nivel básico de inglés como uno de los prerrequisitos. Y si deseas…

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Language and International Student Satisfaction Linked?

A new report on international student satisfaction is out, and the results are mixed. Students in the three countries surveyed are generally satisfied with the academic side of things, which is good news. But satisfaction levels are noticeably lower in important areas such as networking, “friendship with domestic students, organized social activities, and visa or immigration-related advice.” It is also apparent that schools with higher concentrations of international students from a specific country tend to rank lower in overall student satisfaction—likely indicating integration problems. How are U.S. institutions responding to international student needs? Even though the number of international students…

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Why Learning a New Language is the Best New Year’s Resolution

How about, “All of the above!” The new year is just around the corner. It’s time to decide what your goals for 2015 will be and to set yourself up for success. In a list put together by, three of the most popular resolutions for 2014 were get a better education, get a better job, and take a trip. Imagine fulfilling all three simultaneously without having to juggle—and commit to—them all! Impossible, you say? Not in our book. Here’s why. #10 on the list: Take a trip This is the year! You’re finally going to take that international trip you’ve…

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Like Christmas Traditions? You Can Thank the Germans.

Did you know that the Germans practically invented Christmas as we know it today? Okay, they clearly didn’t invent the story of the baby in a manger, but many of the symbols and items that we associate with the Christmas season have come directly out of Germany. For proof, take a look at five Christmas traditions we wouldn’t have without our friends in Deutschland. The Christmas tree Before the first Christmas occurred, the ancient Gauls in Western Europe decorated their homes with evergreen branches during winter solstice in order to freshen the stale inside air and warding off evil spirits.…

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3 Grandes Diferencias Entre Las Tradiciones Navideñas de los Estados Unidos y de Latinoamérica

El sentimiento de paz y buena voluntad durante la Navidad es algo universal entre las personas que la celebran. Sin embargo, la manera en que celebran la Navidad varía drásticamente de país a país. Incluso en la misma ciudad, dos familias pueden celebrar las fiestas de una manera muy distinta. Cuando comparamos los Estados Unidos con Latinoamérica, vemos que existen unas diferencias. Aquí compartimos tres de las más sobresalientes porque siempre es bueno saber de la cultura del idioma que estás aprendiendo. La Hora de La Cena Navideña En la mayoría de los hogares latinoamericanos, la cena navideña ocurre justo después de la medianoche en noche buena. Dependiendo…

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The History of 3 Sweet Holiday Favorites

When you think of the holidays you can’t help but think of all the goodies that come with it: candies, cakes, chocolates, and confections. But where do these tasty treats come from? Here’s a brief history of some of our favorite, and maybe not-so-favorite traditional holiday sweets.  Fruitcake – The good, the bad, and the heavy Despite the jokes about its heft and perpetuity, fruitcake endures as a holiday staple—like it or not. So where did this dense cake come from and why do we eat it at Christmastime? Versions of the fruity cake have been around for centuries. The…

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Make Gift-Giving Easy – E-Gifting with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone’s award-winning programs can now be delivered as e-gifts!  The gift of learning is one that’ll last a lifetime. Now you can easily send e-Cards and personalized notes with your gifts to friends and family in time for the holidays and other special occasions. Find that perfect gift for your special someone Wow them this year with a gift from Rosetta Stone—which isn’t just language learning any more. What’ll you find? Language learning? Of course! Brain fitness? Yep! Kids reading? You bet! We’re pleased to share with you the most expansive collection of learning programs we’ve ever offered. From our latest release—Rosetta Stone Kids Reading, which…

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Music Primes Adult Brain for Language Learning

Language study can be grueling. Any chance to lessen the pressure—without impacting the pace of learning—is welcome. Cue the music—aka “the master language that transcends all others.” An article in the “Guardian” points out that spoken language actually developed from our creation and use of music, which predates language by some 300,000 odd years. And this relationship is more than just a historical aside. Researchers have discovered that adults who studied music as children—even just one hour a week—learn languages faster and more easily. And we’re talking about adults who set out to learn a language that is totally new…

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Becoming “Real”: Overcoming Cultural Illiteracy

In 2001, bilingual computer scientist Vladimir Veselov set out to create a computer program or “chatterbot” that would be able to communicate like a human. He called his program “Eugene Goostman.” Veselov’s ultimate goal was to convince a panel at The Royal Society— the most prestigious scientific institution in the United Kingdom—that his computer was a real boy. Eugene Goostman’s Backstory As tells us, Eugene Goostman is a “fake 13-year-old from Odessa, Ukraine, who doesn’t speak English all that well.” Time adds that he “…makes for a semi-convincing chatbot.” Eugene did make history as the first A.I. to pass…

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Top 15 French Travel Phrases

Leaving on a jet plane to a French-speaking land in the near future? A good first step to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your travels is to learn French with Rosetta Stone. Once you’re on the road, though, you may need a little help remembering essential French phrases and vocabulary that’ll help you get around and get what you need. Here are the top 15 travel phrases to get you on your way! Language Basics Est-ce que vous parlez anglais? (Do you speak English?) Pourriez-vous répéter, s’il vous plaît? (Can you repeat that, please?) Excusez-moi. Quelle heure est-il?…

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