Penske Talks Inclusiveness on UN World Day for Cultural Diversity

In recent years, the push for diversity and inclusion in the workplace has seen a surge asPenske believes that language learning is a critical piece of building intercultural dexterity companies move to implement diversity-friendly policies and corporate training programs on a global scale. Roles such as Chief Diversity Officer have become common fixtures in many Fortune 500 companies, but there are certain companies that have gone above and beyond, making the effort to implement special measures to further advance the goal of corporate diversity and inclusion that focus on multicultural integration.

In recognition of the United Nations’ World Day for Cultural Diversity on May 21, Penske Truck Leasing can be said to stand out as an exemplar of inclusiveness through its partnership with Rosetta Stone.

“At Penske, we feel language learning is a critical piece of building intercultural dexterity within our organization. Not only does our Rosetta Stone program help support our growth internationally; it is also an important piece of helping foster understanding and dialog by opening associates’ minds to different ways of seeing the world,” said Tracy Schrey, Penske Associate General Counsel, director of the company’s Rosetta Stone language programs and former Diversity Council member.

As an international logistics company, Penske has been very forward-thinking with its diversity initiatives. Not only has its Diversity Council created a curriculum for employees to learn about business best practices in the primary countries where Penske operates, but it has also partnered with Rosetta Stone to enable corporate language training for any employee who chooses to participate. The program, currently in its third year, aims to equip employees with the language and cultural skills they will need to be able to operate effectively and efficiently in a variety of rapidly globalized markets.

In addition to training employees in a variety of languages to facilitate business, as well as help management and HR better interact with a more diverse hiring pool, the language programs Rosetta Stone provides Penske also offers information on cultural norms and customs, broken down by country, to ensure that as Penske enters new markets, its employees are primed and ready to integrate international diversity seamlessly into their ranks.

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