Photo Feature: Portraits of Ethiopia

On the photo-sharing site Flickr, we’re highlighting global images by asking community members to submit their photos of travel, culture, and communication. Today, we’d like to share a few photos submitted by Jeff James, who is the visual creations manager and lead photographer at Rosetta Stone, in our Harrisonburg, Virginia, office. Here’s what Jeff told us about his images:

From 2004 to 2006, my wife and I did volunteer work in rural Ethiopia, running a clinic, a hospital, and a program for orphans. At the end of our stay, as a going-away gift to our Ethiopian colleagues, I made these portraits of my coworkers with their families, or in a couple of cases, of them alone or at the grave of a deceased loved one. We planned the photo shoots in advance, and I specifically wanted to photograph my colleagues in their homes to make the connection of family and home. I believe they did dress up for the photograph, and I’m sure they tidied-up their houses as well!

Aster, Chiri, Ethiopia 2006Aster, Chiri, Ethiopia 2006. Photo © Jeff James

Sinki, Chiri, Ethiopia 2006Sinki, Chiri, Ethiopia 2006. Photo © Jeff James

Bikila, Chiri, Ethiopia 2006Bikila, Chiri, Ethiopia 2006. Photo © Jeff James

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