Preparing Students for a Global Community: Leadership and Language

The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy uses Rosetta Stone to create a blended-learning solution.Free webinar on March 18th, featuring Nakia Douglas, principal of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy.

In 2011, the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy in Dallas, TX began using the Rosetta Stone language solution to help their students learn Spanish, Chinese, and Latin.

Realizing that language learning equates to success in the multilingual 21st century economy, the first all-male public school in Dallas was hoping to build students’ communication skills that would translate into international study opportunities and improved college acceptance for graduates.

BOMLA got much more than that.

At the Academy, the Rosetta Stone solution has helped

  • Extend language learning beyond the classroom walls—with availability on any device, anywhere, at any time
  • Build language skills necessary in the school’s project-based, blended-learning model
  • Offer core instruction in a for-credit language program

Partnering with Rosetta Stone gives the Academy the comprehensive language-learning program it needs to help their students compete on the global stage.

In a free webinar on Tuesday, March 18th at 4 p.m., Principal Nakia Douglas will discuss his vision for the school and how language learning is critical to the Academy’s goals of 100% college acceptance and 50% participation in international study programs upon graduation.

He will also describe some of the novel steps BOMLA is taking in their language instruction, including:

  • The interaction between project-based learning and Rosetta Stone
  • How the solution has facilitated the school’s extended instructional day
  • How Rosetta Stone Manager™ helps teachers monitor and manage student progress

These are challenging times in education for a variety of reasons. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from an up-and-coming leader in educational practices about the transformation that is occurring at one of the pioneer schools in the country.

To register for the webinar, please click here.

To read an in-depth case study about the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy’s partnership with Rosetta Stone, please visit this page.

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