Prepping for Florence

When my Rosetta Stone box arrived in the mail, my upcoming trip to Italy suddenly became very real. At the end of August, I’ll be packing up my life and moving to an old palace in central Florence to work on a master’s degree in European Union Policy.

italian screen shot e1400541492587I’ve completed the first four lessons in TOTALe—in about four hours total—and am eager to continue because I’ve learned so much already in just a short time. This surprised me because in other language classes I’ve taken, it always seemed as though I was memorizing phrases, and not really learning how to think in the language. With TOTALe, I’m actually learning and pronouncing the words with an authentic Italian accent.

It’s amazing that the program actually immerses me in real-life situations so I can practice reading, writing, and speaking the language. It also brings back previous lessons to review, which I find especially helpful because I have a tendency to forget what I’ve learned. Now that I’ve jump-started my Italian, I’m even more energized to head to Florence. Knowing that I’ll have at least the basics down has eased my mind tremendously.

Until next time, arrivederci!

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