Preventing History from Repeating Itself

I lived in Panama for 18 years. I was born there and left in 1973. When living in Panama most people were bilingual – English and Spanish. So I really didn’t learn the language other than the survival skills needed when going into the interior of Panama or to restaurants. For thirty years I did not even think about speaking Spanish. Two years ago I took my wife and daughter to visit Panama. At the airport, I inquired as to where to obtain tourist cards, thinking that the country was still predominately bi-lingual. The response to my question as to where to get tourist cards was a questioning, “Como?” Right then, a BIG “Uh Oh!” went off in my head. I struggled for the next two days to remember my ‘survival’ Spanish. On the flight back, I resolved not to let that happen again. After using books and CDs, I bought the Rosetta Stone package. Not only did it refresh what I did know, it taught me the correct use of the language. The program taught me information in Level I that I wish I had previously. When I return to Panama, I will be going with the language skills and the confidence to use them.


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