Professional Opera Singer Sings Rosetta Stone's Praises

davidI am a professional opera singer, and was required to study German, Italian, French and Latin for my career. I could get by with the basics in these languages (i.e. asking for directions!), and it would take me a while to translate the operas in which I sing. But I was never fluent in any of them until I discovered Rosetta Stone. I have now completed Version 3 of Italian, and have been able to purchase a home in Italy because of my ability to speak Italian! (My Italian friends in Rome are amazed at my ability to speak Italian now-and they think my accent is almost like a native Italian!) I am eagerly waiting for Version 4 for Italian, and am also studying Rosetta Stone for German and French. I have almost completed Level 1 for both of those languages. I can completely recommend Rosetta Stone to every other opera singer I know, and to anyone who ever asks about it! I am a total fan. Thank you Rosetta Stone!

– David W.
Orlando, FL

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  • Petter Amundsen

    This is such a good idea. I don’t sing, but I accompany singers on organ or piano, and I conduct choirs every now and then. It is quite obvious most of your colleagues don’t know what they sing from time to time! Our (Norwegian) famous Sissel pretended to cradle a baby when singing O’ mio Babbino caro. In Latin, however, there is a catch, since there is great difference between classical Latin and church Latin. I learnt my Latin mostly from Cambridge Latin course I-V and this is not what you use in Mozart.

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