Rosetta Stone Education encourages you to participate in this year’s Speak Up Survey

There’s only 2 weeks left to participate!

Project Tomorrow is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering K-12 students, teachers and parents to have a larger voice in improving education and learning, especially in the areas of science, math and technology.

The Speak Up Research Project annually collects and reports on the authentic views of almost 500,000 K-12 students, parents and educators on education issues each year. Since the launch of the survey this year 240,000 Students, Educators, Parents and Community Members have shared their ideas about the use of technology in education. Please take the survey today and pass along to your network of friends and family, remember the survey is open to ANYONE interested in sharing their thoughts on critical 21st century education and technology issues.

Last year we partnered with Project Tomorrow to assess the benefits and challenges of using technology in the nation’s world language classrooms. The result of that partnership is a webinar, entitled “Adopting Technology for the World Language Classroom“, and a new white paper, “Speaking the Language of the 21st Century: World Language Teachers and their Use of Technology“.

The webinar features Julie Evans, the chief executive officer of Project Tomorrow. Mrs. Evans discusses the findings of the Speak Up campaign regarding the role technology plays in the world language classroom. To view the webinar, please click this link: Adopting Technology for the World Language Classroom.

The white paper, also available now, gives insight into the experiences, perceptions, and desires of the modern world language educator and their use of technology. It also explores the policy and infrastructure issues that currently constrain full technology integration in our schools. These ideas are gathered from the 56,000 K-12 teachers and educators that participated in the Speak Up campaign. The white paper is available at the following link: Speaking the Language of the 21st Century: World Language Teachers and their Use of Technology.

Both the webinar and white paper are valuable tools for educators looking to improve their craft in the world language classroom, as well as administrators and other thought leaders who are concerned with the state of world language education in this country. Please visit Project Tomorrow for more information about the Speak Up Survey.

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