QUIZ: Are You A Travel Genius?

Planning a trip to an exciting place? There’s plenty to do to get ready: Write a must-pack list, buy a sun hat, or even pick up some travel-hardy luggage. But allow us to suggest an additional (and arguably more entertaining) way to prepare: Play our Travel IQ Quiz—and find out how ready for takeoff you really are. Whether you’re an amateur traveler or your passport is overpopulated with stamps, you’ll test your current knowledge of the globe and brush up on world facts before you go.

Visit www.WhatsYourTravelIQ.com to get started on your own mini-tour of the world, and connect through Facebook or email so you can track your score. Get tested on trivia about every corner of the globe, explore stunning images of unique and culture-rich locations, dance to traditional tunes, and brush up on your Chinese, Indonesian, and Navajo language skills. Plus, you’ll receive a travel rank in the process.

Remember to share your score with us, challenge your friends—and let us know what our next quiz should highlight. We hope our Travel IQ Quiz inspires you to explore and discover even more.

travel iq quiz

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