Read, Speak, and Write in Four Months

angel and his fianceeIn 1998, My mom brought me to the U.S., I was only eleven years old, two days after my arrival to the U.S., I attended Riverview school in Round Lake Wisconsin. My teachers found out that I couldn’t speak a word of English, one of the many teachers at the school found the Rosetta Stone. She made me work with the program about four hours a day, five days a week.

I’m not saying that Rosetta Stone taught me everything, but if I have to say, it counts for 85% of the English I learned in those first four months. With me learning the language so fast, it made me handle the transition of my new life fast. After that I was able travel to many places, help my family with translation, etc. Now many years later I recommended my future wife the Rosetta Stone program and I know its going to work for her, like it worked for me.


Akron, Ohio

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