Recapturing the Language of my Ancestors

I am a seventh generation American which ancestry traced back to Spain and Mexico. My family was one of the founding families send from Spain to colonize California. Our family assimilated so well that the tradition of learning the Spanish language was slowly eliminated in more recent generations. My parents never raised me speaking Spanish so the language will vanish from my family tree if I don’t learn it now. My husband (who is not Hispanic) and I are eager to start a family. It is important to me to pass along Spanish as a cultural gift.

lj1 e1311609384952Rosetta Stone has helped me enhance my remedial Spanish vocabulary. The lessons are filled with great audio and pictures to guide you through the learning process. I have been practicing my Spanish with my 89 year-old bilingual grandmother. She is very impressed by how much I have learned in such a short time. My first visit to Spain in college was limited by my inability to speak the language well. Now I plan on taking my husband and future children to Spain fully prepared to explain our family’s history in both languages.


Pasadena, California

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