Retirement's a Dream with Rosetta Stone

Retirement is a wonderful time in life. It’s the time to do things you have always wanted to do! After giving my granddaughter the Rosetta Stone Spanish set, we purchased the Italian set for ourselves to prepare for a trip to Italy. We only had a few months to prepare for the trip, but Rosetta Stone was a tremendous help to us. Our trip was designed to enjoy the wonderful wines of Italy. We, therefore, drove through and stayed in many small towns where very few people spoke English. We stayed on a small vineyard in Asti, visited Alba, Lake Eseo, and Venice. We then spent a week with friends in a villa on a vineyard near Panzano in Chianti. We spent time in Rome and then spent the last days of our trip in the picturesque town of Montalcino (enjoying some wonderful brunellos). It was an outstanding trip and we will always thank Rosetta Stone for helping us make some wonderful memories. We met so many wonderful people and I think the fact that we spoke a little Italian helped us make some enduring friendships. We have now purchased the Rosetta Stone French set and are planning our wine trip through France.


Las Vegas, Nevada


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