Road to Recovery

I ordered the Rosetta Stone English program for my husband who was in a car accident on Aug. 1, 2007. Dann suffered a traumatic brain injury from the accident and it has been a long, slow road back to recovery. Dann’s speech was severely affected (aphasia) and Rosetta Stone has been an integral part of helping him ‘find his words’ again. It is an easy program for Dann to manipulate (even though he still needs assistance to work through the program) and it has been exciting to see Dann making progress, little bit by little bit over the past year. Dann still has a lot of recovery ahead of him, but we are so thankful for Rosetta Stone and our ability to do a lot of his speech homework in the comfort of our own home, at a pace that Dann can set and be successful with. Thank you Rosetta Stone for a SOLID and success oriented product. WELL DONE!!!


Pasadena, California


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  • Kendall Linn

    This is SO awesome! I wish you success and a rapid recovery and I am so happy that you have found a tool that has helped…

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