Rosetta Stone Android App Launches: TOTALe Companion™

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For the past two years I’ve been fortunate enough to help with developing Rosetta Stone mobile products. Since TOTALe Companion for iPod touch® and iPhone® devices launched last year, we’ve gotten many, many requests for an Android™ version. When I travel and stop by our kiosks at airports, I’ve heard the requests in person: “This is great, but when will we get the Android version?!”

Rosetta Stone Android App

Click to download from the Android® Market.

Well, folks, we are happy to announce that today is the day Rosetta Stone releases TOTALe Companion for Android!

As the name implies, this app is a companion to your Rosetta Stone TOTALe subscription. So when you’re away from your computer, TOTALe Companion allows you to practice the same content you’re already learning in Rosetta Course and using in Rosetta World games and Rosetta Studio sessions. The app is perfect for spending a short (or long!) amount of time simply practicing speaking, polishing your pronunciation, or reviewing vocabulary. Our state-of-the-art speech engine is included and gives the same speedy and accurate pronunciation feedback you’re used to on your computer!

This application is initially targeted for several strategic Android devices, and we’re committed to expanding the number of devices in the near future.

rosetta stone android

A screen from the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Companion App for Android

We’ve gotten great feedback and stories sent to us from people who have iPhone and iPod touch devices and use TOTALe Companion. Those of us who developed this Android app are excited to continue our pursuit of making language learning a reality anytime, anywhere.

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe Companion Android App is currently available for the following devices: 

  • Galaxy S I by Samsung
  • Galaxy S II by Samsung
  • Galaxy S II HD by Samsung
  • Galaxy Note by Samsung
  • Galaxy Tab 7 by Samsung
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 by Samsung
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 by Samsung
  • Optimus 2X  by LG
  • Optimus One by LG
  • Optimus Pad by LG
  • Optimus LTE by LGE
  • Incredible II by HTC
  • Droid Bionic by Motorola
  • Droid II by Motorola
  • Droid 3 by Motorola
  • SMB101SH by Sharp
  • ISW11K by Kyocera

Click to download the Rosetta Stone TOTALe Companion Android App from the Android Market.
  • Scott Firth

    This is great news1 When will some of the newer phones such as the Motorola Droid Razr be supported?

  • Erik

    Droid x support please

  • Jennifer

    I am really hoping you can make this app for the HTC Evo!!! Please? 🙂

  • S. Maio

    Great news! I see it specifically mentions the TOTALe online subscription based product. Does this also come with the box set of discs?

    More importantly-

    When will Japanese be available on Android, and will I be able to get the App *after* I buy my discs?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi there, when you buy disks from the websites in the US, UK, Korea and Japan, you get 3 months of online rights too. You’ll need these online rights in order to access Rosetta Studio, Rosetta World, and the mobile applications. After the first three months, the online rights cost $10-25 each month, depending on the length of time you sign up for. These online rights are optional, and you keep the coursework forever. You can delay the onset of your free (3 month) online rights by up to 6 months from the date of purchase. We don’t have any news for you on the Japanese version of the Android application, unfortunately. Let us know if that doesn’t clear everything up!

  • tuxgirl

    Why just specific devices? When can we expect to have it extended to other devices? There’s no.point to me extending the subscription part of Rosetta stone past the fmsample months if I cant get it on any of my mobile devices, and I cant imagine any good reason that it wouldn’t be available for them.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi there, we hope to expand to more devices soon. Right now we have no news beyond the existing list of compatible devices. You can always let your online subscription lapse, then restart it if the mobile platform you want becomes compatible.

  • Deepak @ MCX Today

    i have Sony Ericsson xperia mini ….
    full entertaining and also my social networking sites with full security ..
    i love its security … great performance …

  • Alpha

    It doesn’t yet support download in Hong Kong as yet.

  • Greg F

    I have two android devices. Both running current operating systems. The market tells me that neither are compatible. One is nearly identical but probably superior to the two listed Droid phones.

    Given that the phone market is now more than half android devices and the same is almost certain for the tablet market, is would seem to be a bad place do be with such limited support.

  • Jan

    I was extremely excited to learn that the Companion App for “droids” was released, that is until I found out it was compatible with very few devices. It is not compatible with my “Samsung” smart phone. I just bought the phone a couple of months ago so am not going to go out and purchase another. I was thinking of getting a tablet so I have been trying to figure out which tablets the app would be compatible with. I really don’t want to go with the Iguy since it does not support flash video. I just tried to call support to see if it was compatible with the “Samsung Tab 10.1” since it is compatible with the “Samsung Tab 7”, I was on hold for 14 minutes when I got a message that they were unable to “process my call” right now. The Totale Disks that came with the set said that you could download them to your “mp3 player” really? How does that work? Please more support for learning on the go.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Jan, we’re sorry for any errors processing your call. The Audio Companion CDs (different than the actual product disks) contain audio files. You would transfer those audio files from the CD to a mobile device the same way you would transfer any other audio files.

  • Andre

    I bought Rosetta through my company and have access to it online (TOTALe 4), but when I try to install on my devices it says it’s not available in my country. I live in Switzerland.

    How can I fix this and install on my devices?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Andre, the Swiss AppStore does not offer the Rosetta Stone apps. You would need to download the app from an Apple account based in the US, UK, Canada, Korea, Japan, Brazil or Australia. We’re sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience.

  • PaulS

    Any time frame for Chinese Mandarin?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Paul, it takes about 50 hours to complete each level in all of our languages. We hope that helps you plan your schedule.

  • http://Antiwar Jamie

    What is the cost to learn every part of a language from speaking to reading and writing.Can you e-mail it to me thanks.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Jamie, you can check out the pricing on our website at Each level contains portions that focus on reading, writing, speaking, listening, etc. What language are you interested in learning? We offer up to 5 levels in some languages.

  • Jim McCarthy

    Doesn’t work on Galaxy S II or Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • Hans

    Why is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 supported but not all the other Android tablets, like the Xoom?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Hans, we’re sorry for any disappointment. Right now, the application is only available with the devices listed above.

  • Doug

    When I click the above link from my samsung galaxy s2 I get a message that the software is incompatible with my device. Is that expected?

  • Rodney

    Just tried to download the app on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it says it is not compatible. What gives?

  • Andrew

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab running 3.1 and Android Market says it is incompatible, though this article implies that it should work.

    I also have a Nexus S running 4.0.3 and a Sony Google TV running 3.1, neither of which also work.

    Please expand your device support!

  • urbanbelle

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 it’s on your list of compatible devices yet when I tried downloading it from the market it say’s it’s not completable with my device. What gives?

  • Jared

    Awesome, got one of the supported tablets for the holidays. Any plans to add other languages (spanish, greek, italian)? And if so, any time table on when other languages would be available?

    • Rosetta Stone

      We do hope to add new languages, Jared. But right now we have no news! Sorry about that.

  • urbanbelle

    ok where exactly can I create a ticket? I clicked on the link provided and but what do I do after? Where do I click to summit a ticket? I tried downloading it again from the market still wont work either.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi there, you can just click on “type” to submit a ticket. Thanks!

  • Eliane

    When I bought the rosetta stone package, I asked about the Android apps, I was told that it would support. Nobody told me that it was device dependent!!!
    When will it be available for HTC wildfire?
    The application should be device independent, only based on the OS of the phone.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Eliane, we’re sorry for any disappointment. If you bought directly from us, you can return your disks within 6 months of purchase. Hopefully, more devices will be made compatible in the future.

  • urbanbelle

    I found it!

    For anyone else who cant get the android app on their compatible device.

  • knowack

    Xoom and Evo support would greatly expand your customer base.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Thanks so much for your feedback!

  • Mary

    I have a new AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII (Model SGH-I777) and the app would not download. The message said it is not compatible with my phone.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Someone will be reaching out to you soon via email. That device is compatible!

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