Rosetta Stone Catalyst Meets Wall Street

By Shari Hofer, VP of Marketing, Enterprise and Education, at Rosetta Stone –

Rosetta Stone Catalyst, language learning for businessRoots of The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) stretch back to 1792 when 24 brokers signed the Buttonwood Agreement on Wall Street. That was the beginning of what would become the world’s leading stock exchange. In June 2016, market capitalization of NYSE-listed companies was more than US$19 trillion. Businesses and investors across the globe recognize the vital link between the NYSE and many of the world’s most successful companies.

On April 16, 2009, Rosetta Stone executives took their place above the NYSE trading floor and rang the opening bell in celebration of the company’s first day as a publicly traded company. With the ticker symbol (RST), Rosetta Stone raised $112.5 million in the initial offering. Money raised in the offering helped the company develop leading mobile and web-based language programs and deliver industry-specific language solutions to businesses, a vision that continues to help shape product development.

Fast forward to this Friday, September 16th, when Rosetta Stone executives and clients will introduce the new Rosetta Stone® Catalyst™ solution to the market by once again ringing the bell at the NYSE, this time at the closing bell ceremony. Catalyst is a unified language-training solution that sparks the confidence to communicate effectively in today’s multilingual business environment.

CEO John Hass will be joined on the bell podium by several of our key Beta clients whose support contributed greatly to the final phase of bringing Catalyst to market, including Michael Barger from Bimbo, Carl Kneibert from Citi, Maria Galasso from BASF, and Linda Jack and Lois Como from Honeywell. Also joining John will be Nancy Valero Maldonado, winner of the Catalyst Video Contest, who shared in her video how language training has been a catalyst for her career.

We invite you to join the celebration! Watch as the NYSE streams the Rosetta Stone Catalyst closing bell ceremony on Friday, September 16th at 4:00 p.m. EDT via Facebook Live.

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