Rosetta Stone Changed My Life!

Rosetta Stone has been life-changing for me. With no background in Mandarin, I began three years ago with Level 1 and continue to enjoy every moment of my daily study. I also continue to be surprised at the programme’s incredibly clever layers of teaching, and the learning scope it provides. As well as reading the characters, I look forward to exploring their beautiful world, through writing them and learning their history and full meaning.

I meet many Chinese and Malaysian visitors to New Zealand through my work. They always understand me and are delighted that I can speak to them in Mandarin, with what they say is excellent pronunciation. My Rosetta Stone study has brought about an enjoyment of reading about all things Chinese and has been a wonderful catalyst for a vast area of personal interest. When we visit China our stay will be far more meaningful.

I continue to recommend Rosetta Stone as a marvelously intelligent product, with excellent support, whose teaching style brings me immeasurable pleasure. Having nearly finished my work with Level 3, I am tremendously excited that Levels 4 and 5 are now winging their way to me, along with all that TOTALe offers.


Nelson, New Zealand

red Chinese fan

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  • davidwhittacre

    I’m looking for a used version of Rosetta Stone Totale5 in French. Anyone have it and would like to sell it?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi David,
      It is illegal to sell used copies of Rosetta Stone. In fact, you will probably be unable to activate a used copy on your computer, since we have a very strict licensing agreement.

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