Rosetta Stone: Good for Young and Old

I bought Rosetta Stone before I moved to the Netherlands to help with my Dutch. I worked as a nanny and it made my job alot easier. The children spoke no English so it was up to me to learn Dutch. Within a few months I could carry one decent conversations with the children. Now a Nanny in America I use my old Rosetta Stone to teach Dutch to the 5 year old I take care of. She loves it. If she’s good she gets to do it for an hour. She’s picking it up faster than I did.

—Carol, Homer, Alaskagirls

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  • Wótila Carneiro

    Great! I love Rosetta Stone and I’ll present its for my son. I’m learning english. I’m from Brazil. Congratulations!!!

  • Daniel

    Fantastic! I’ve started to learn Dutch, my RS arrived 3 days ago. my girlfriend is Dutch but I know none at all. I wonder how long it will take to speak some decent Dutch?

  • Joesoef Kalla

    Hi Carol!

    It’s surprising to know that children in the Netherlands don’t speak English. I though they are born multilingual EN-NL 😀

    Oh well. Could you tell me what kind of conversation did you have with them?

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