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 mother-daughter-homework-computer.pngBringing Language Learning Home: Foreign Language Learning Curriculum for Homeschool Students 

As a homeschooler, you may frequently find yourself faced with the question, “Where do I find quality, effective materials for my students?” Even more so, “How will it help me help them?” Concern for quality curriculum and effective monitoring of your child’s learning can understandably be deepened when you’re trying to find materials for a topic that you may not fully understand, or one that you don’t feel confident teaching. Foreign language learning is frequently at, or near the top of that list.

Let us help.

Rosetta Stone® Language Learning for Homeschool features a foreign language curriculum specially designed to provide homeschool students with a rich, fully interactive and engaging language-learning experience, while giving parents the tools and resources needed to manage student progress without extensive planning or supervision.

How does It Work?

Rosetta Stone language learning is based on our Dynamic Immersion method, which allows your student to start learning in a completely immersive environment. From their very first lesson, your child will be listening to, interacting with, and speaking their new language.

What languages do you offer?

Our homeschool product offers up to five levels of instruction in twenty-five languages with a foundation of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.

We’ve removed some obstacles.

Our method of language learning eliminates many of the difficulties of learning a new language: no repetitive vocabulary exercises, no needing to learn translations, and no enduring the sometimes-tedious process of flashcards.

See our products in action.

What age/grade of curriculum do you offer?

We recommend that your child be at least at a beginning reading and writing level in their native language to start the our homeschool program; but a beginner at any age would start with Level 1.

We offer eleven paths of study to choose from, based on your student’s learning objectives; including our full year curriculum, and other predefined curriculum paths, which have been developed to assist in lesson planning and in achieving learning objectives.

What support is available for parents?

Without extensive planning or supervision Rosetta Stone® Parent AdministrativeTool is a built-in management tool that delivers details on your student’s progress and gives you user-friendly administrative functionality.

Every homeschool program includes tools that let parents follow student progress and access specific information about student performance such as:

  • Completed exercises
  • Exercise and test scores
  • Time spent learning

Additionally, printable progress reports are available. These tools make it unnecessary for parents to be present while the student works. Parents can simply check in on student progress from time to time.

30-day, money back guarantee

We understand that you’ll have questions. We’ll be here to help you. Our thirty-day money back guarantee includes support via phone, online chat, and email.

Learn more about Rosetta Stone® Language Learning for Homeschool today!



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