Rosetta Stone in Iraq

The U.S. Army has made Rosetta Stone available for it’s soldiers for years. During my second tour in Iraq in 2005-2006, I was looking through the Army website and found the program. We were immersed within the culture on a daily basis and we frequently interacted with the civilian population. We had interpreters but their knowledge of the English language wasn’t always 100%. So I made it a goal for myself to spend at least one hour every day working with the Rosetta Stone’s Arabic program in order to be able to learn at least basic conversation topics and key words. What I didn’t know is that by the end of the deployment, I was able to actually hold a conversation with the people and understand most of what they would say.

Unfortunately, I was injured prior to our unit re-deploying back home and I ended up having to get out of the military due to my injuries. Nevertheless, I was very happy with how easy it was to learn such a hard language with the Rosetta Stone program that I decided to buy the program myself and get back to it. The next program I want to buy is the Spanish program. I speak it fluently but unfortunately my son doesn’t. He lives with his mom during the school year and what I’m able to teach him during the summer, he forgets very quickly as soon as he goes back. With the Rosetta Stone program, I’m confident he wont have a problem maintaining what he learns.

Iraq War Veteran
Pembroke Pines, Florida

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