Introducing Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading: Online and Mobile Learning

lingos readingIt’s time to start reading!

Your kids are entering the age where learning to read is at the forefront of their fledgling academic lives. They know their ABC’s and have favorite books that they’re chomping at the bit to read by themselves. How can you help? You want to give them a head start but fear that finding the right tools might be a daunting task. You also want to ensure that the product you select will be an effective learning tool, that it’ll be engaging, and worth their time and your money.

Where do you start?

Start with a brand you trust. Rosetta Stone, known for our award-winning language-learning program, has a lot more to offer these days, including Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading, our newly launched product that introduces kids to the literacy skills they need to get ahead in a fun and engaging way.

Watch the videoWhat is Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading?

We’ve partnered with Lexia Learning to bring you a literacy program that’s proven effective in improving your child’s reading skills. Ideal for children ages 3–7, this engaging learning environment fuses games and stories in a research-based approach to reading instruction that focuses on the five most important reading skills: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

The personalized learning path starts where each child is in their reading development and ability, and grows with them as they learn and progress in their lessons. It responds to individual strengths and weaknesses by providing immediate, targeted instruction when a child struggles with new skills. In the Parent’s Corner, you’ll be able to see your child’s progress, mastery, and areas that may need improvement.

Available online, at the Apple App Store, and at Google Play, Rosetta Stone® Kids Reading offers 10 reading levels, includes over 600 units of learning material and more than 50 activities and games, and each parent’s account can host up to four child profiles. Kids learn at their own pace, exploring new levels and developing new skills as they master age-appropriate content.

Let’s get reading!

The best way to prepare your kids for academic success is the development of early literacy skills including oral language, print awareness and letter sound knowledge. So? Let’s get reading!

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