Rosetta Stone Passport DC Challenge

This Saturday in Washington, DC,  participate in the Rosetta Stone Passport DC Challenge using Foursquare and your mobile device for a chance to win Rosetta Stone® Version 4 TOTALe®.


If you’re in Washington, DC, on May 14, you’ll have the opportunity to take a whirlwind tour of 35 foreign countries, including Japan, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Australia—so start packing! You’ll need your passport, clothes, money, outlet adapter, one-quart plastic bag for liquids, watch, earphones, airplane neck pillow, airline tickets, available vacation days, . . . Phew!

Luckily, you can actually pack much more lightly and scrap the preparation time because the annual Passport DC Around the World Embassy Tour, sponsored by Cultural Tourism DCis making it easy to experience a bit of every corner of the world—all on a single day. On May 14, 35 foreign embassies in Washington will open their doors to the public and put a spotlight on traditional food, music, dress, dance, and language!

As a 2011 sponsor of the event, Rosetta Stone will have an official yellow and blue tent set up in Dupont Circle. There, we’ll be taking part in the day’s celebration of cultural and linguistic diversity. We’ll also be holding our own social-media-savvy Rosetta Stone Passport DC Challenge, which you can enter to win a Rosetta Stone T-shirt and a free Rosetta Stone product!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. foursquare picCheck  in: Log in to foursquare using your GPS-enabled mobile device, and check in to a participating embassy’s foursquare page. Click for a complete list of participating embassies.
  2. Read the tip: Read the tip that Rosetta Stone leaves on each participating embassy’s foursquare page. The tip will identify an item within each embassy and provide some extra information about the item’s cultural significance!
  3. Take a photo: With your mobile device, take a photo of the item identified in the tip.
  4. Find us: Make your way back to the Rosetta Stone tent in Dupont Circle and show us your photos!

Show us at least one photo of an identified embassy item to receive a free Rosetta Stone T-shirt and a single entry in the drawing for our grand prize, Version 4 TOTALe. Increase your chances of winning by visiting more embassies; you’ll get one entry in the grand-prize drawing for each identified item you photograph! Click for official terms.

We hope to see you on May 14—enjoying spring in DC, learning about the world, and snapping pics with your phones!

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