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Group of people with thumbs upRosetta Stone learners frequently write in to share their stories and give us feedback on how their Rosetta Stone language-learning systems are helping them connect with people, expand their worlds, and feel encouraged to continue with their studies. Here are three such stories that may sound familiar to you!


• Language can help you bridge gaps and share experiences with others.

Susan Zivec
Product: Rosetta Stone Spanish
Review: I received my Rosetta Stone package (Latin American Spanish) in mid-December and went to Mexico for a holiday in mid-January. I took small children’s toys and crafts to leave for the maid at the resort in addition to her tips. She didn’t speak any English and I hadn’t had much time to learn Spanish but I wanted to find out whether she had children and what ages they were. I was pleased to discover that I knew enough to ask her about her hijos/hijas and understand that she had a new baby girl who was four months old. I pulled out my phone to show her a picture of my baby granddaughter. She looked at me very strangely and it dawned on me that she was wondering how a woman my age (55) could have such a small child so I was able to explain that I was the abuela (grandma) and we both chuckled. I can hardly wait until our next Mexican holiday when I will know much more Spanish! I love Rosetta Stone!


• Language can instill confidence.

Manuel Fletes
Product: Rosetta Stone French
Review: I am a current undergraduate at the University of Oregon. Recently, I was able to have a conversation in French with an exchange student from France. The experience was fun and educational because now I feel more confident in using my French language skills to communicate.


• Inspiration to learn can be exciting!

Betty Forbes
Product: Rosetta Stone Portuguese
Review: There are so many tourists from Brazil visiting our area during the winter months. It was exciting to be able to recognize words in conversations when I visited Disney World recently. I look forward to getting back to my computer each day to learn more, and can’t wait until I have my first conversation in Portuguese. The online games with Rosetta Stone are a fun way to practice listening comprehension. I am loving learning a new language this way!


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