Rosetta Stone ReFLEX: A Language Solution Unlike Any Other

Rosetta Stone ReFLEX, our newest language-learning solution for customers in Korea, is unlike any other in the world because it’s tailored to a very specific type of learner. Many people in Korea have invested so much time, money, and effort into learning English, yet they’re still unable to converse comfortably with native speakers of English. After extensive research into why so many of these learners have great reading and writing skills but have trouble speaking and listening, Rosetta Stone has developed Rosetta Stone ReFLEX, a system for activating that knowledge of English to help learners speak confidently.

Rosetta Stone ReFLEX attacks this problem in an adaptive, orchestrated fashion on several fronts. The artificial-intelligence engine behind the product is constantly adjusting what each learner is practicing based on how much progress they’re making. The system learns to predict the

Rosetta Stone ReFLEX

A screenshot from ReFLEX Rehearsal, a learning environment of Rosetta Stone ReFLEX

content a learner needs to be exposed to in order to learn best. It’s similar to the way Netflix learns to predict what movies you’ll like or Amazon suggests what books you might enjoy reading. Zeroing in on each learner’s particular abilities, Rosetta Stone ReFLEX guides learners to practice pronunciation and to listen to English sounds that don’t exist in Korean. In Rehearsal, learners practice a conversational scenario that offers many variations and adapts to their ability level. Studio is where learners come face to face (if they want to turn on their webcam, although they don’t have to!) with a native speaker of English and put their skills to the test every day. Rosetta World provides games and activities for learners to engage in on their own or with others. Under the hood, Rosetta Stone ReFLEX is tracing each learner’s progress, learning what is best for them and adapting the Rosetta Stone ReFLEX experience for each learner.

We’ve really enjoyed bringing Rosetta Stone ReFLEX to life. It’s been a very rewarding challenge for all the teams across Rosetta Stone, and we’re very excited to share it with the world at last. Enjoy!

Screenshot from Rosetta Stone

A screenshot from ReFLEX Rehearsal, a learning environment of Rosetta Stone ReFLEX

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