Rosetta Stone Scores an A+

road sign in franceI bought R.S. for myself. I was going to France to do some research for my book, and it helped A LOT. I was on my own with only 2 semesters of College French 10 years ago. So, I used it. I didn’t even get all the way through, yet it helped tremendously. I was very surprised that the word “horse” came in handy. At first I thought you guys were a little odd teaching that word.

My nephew, who is in 4th grade, started a new school. This school teaches French starting in kindergarten. He was really grumpy about being so far behind the others. He’s an A student and likes to succeed. So, I told him this might help and its kind of fun, and he should give it a whir. At first he resisted, but when I said I wanted it back if he doesn’t use it, then he said he did want to try it. Guess what? He is now ahead of those kids, and it’s a prestigious prep school. They’re very smart kids. Last week he scored a 98 on a test. Again, not easy to get high scores in that school. I am SO proud of him. I know he really tried hard to learn from his books, but I am sure the Rosetta Stone helped him advance so rapidly within only a 3 months. His mom wants to use it, and he wants to get so good at it, until his pronunciation meter consistently points to pure green (right? that means you said it perfectly).

Thus, even though I only gave it on loan, now I have to buy yet another one for me again, because I’ll be back in France in June, God willing, and want to be more fluent. I have a photo of a sign that says “no horses” in French, and found it so funny. BUT I like this photo better, because its nice to know what street you’re on, but more fun if you know what the road name means. À bientôt!

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