Rosetta Stone Solutions Highlighted as Models in Digital Learning

digital icons, technology, webRecently, Rosetta Stone® products and efforts for higher education were featured in the Center for Digital Education’s comprehensive new special report, The Curriculum of the Future. Rosetta Stone was highlighted in the “Solution Spotlight” section.

The Curriculum of the Future provides education leaders with the latest research and trends surrounding digital learning. It seeks to offer best practices and professional development guidance for education leaders exploring the many digital curriculum options out there.

In particular, the report discusses the facets that make up a digital curriculum and the technology involved in making those options available to higher ed students. Case studies of successful programs are provided that examine the possibilities in turning curricula into digital content.

In perhaps the best section, a good digital curriculum is described as one that:

  • Customizes the experience for individual learners
  • Delivers interactive and engaging lessons
  • Includes project- or problem-based learning tasks
  • Saves money over an existing curriculum

The ways in which Rosetta Stone ticks all of those boxes are discussed in the Solution Spotlight article.

With a customer base of over 22,000 education institutions, the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for Higher Education features the latest technology-based language solutions. Granular administrative tools and reporting afford instructors and advisors the ability to assess the progress of the individual student. Assessments can be customized for the individual student as well. Lessons reflect the needs of the student in the working world. With many languages available, the student can receive the instruction they need the most. Finally, the Language Learning Suite is web-based, which saves on hardware costs as well as provides 24/7 access to students. Learning lab schedules and tutoring programs can be scaled back, saving much-needed funding dollars.

The need for language learning among higher education students has never been greater. 96% of executives say that language skills are crucial in today’s economy, yet 76% of those employers are not satisfied with the language skills that emerging college graduates have attained in school. Rosetta Stone can help change that, giving students a competitive edge in the global economy.

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