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Spanish is a romance language. But you don’t need to be a Don Juan (or Doña Juanita) to speak it. This rhythmic language packs a poetic punch. And, harmonics aside, it’s becoming ubiquitous stateside.

But Spanish is useful abroad, too. All in all, nearly 500 million people speak it. So really, it’s a numbers game—speak Spanish, and you open up numerous chances for connection.

Some of the most renowned cities in the U.S. are buzzing with Spanish—Eastern and Southern Los Angeles; The Mission District, San Francisco; and Miami Beach, Florida—just to name a few. Even storing some basic phraseology in that brain of yours can pay huge dividends in neighborhoods like this. You’ll gain the power to navigate restaurant menus, communicate with locals if you lose your way, and form new friendships with residents.

Beyond travel, maybe you’re looking for work, or simply want to upgrade “High School Spanish” on your resume. After all, when people ask you “Do you Speak Spanish?” you’re probably sick of answering “Well, sort of.”

Whatever the case, Rosetta Stone Spanish has your back. With our multiple levels of learning, you can start simple, and ultimately work your way toward conversational Spanish.

Ready to take our software for a spin? Visit or read Rosetta Stone Spanish reviews by real customers on our website.

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