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Our product has long been a go-to tool for travel preparation. Whether you’re traveling for personal or business reasons, we’ve always been there to sharpen your language chops. But now, we’ve got a new app to fit your on-the-move lifestyle.

Rosetta Stone Travel is a free app for iOS devices. You’ll enjoy quick lessons and our built-in phrase book—a mini dictionary of lexicon must-haves. Learn a language while traveling, waiting for the bus, or making new friends. You’ll enjoy core phrases like greetings, directions, transportation, cuisine and time telling.



Each lesson features industry-leading speech-recognition technology, which allows you to hone your pronunciation skills. The progressive structure gradually introduces new words and phrases—setting you up for success when you finally hit terra firma.


Within the Phrase Book, you’ll find quick and easy one-liners, their pronunciations, and an opportunity to practice what you’ve just heard.

Most topics come on-the-house, including getting around, restaurants and hotels, and emergencies. You’ll also have the option to purchase add-ons that include more in-depth content.



Rosetta Stone Travel also comes with customizable settings. If you wish, you can turn off speaking mode—for those times you’re in a crowded area. As you gain confidence along the way, you can also hide the written translations. We’ve even included an option to restart lessons. After all, repetition is key when it comes to language learning.

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Ready to practice language on the go? Download our travel app now—it might just save you in a pinch.

App Store for your iOS: Spanish, French, ItalianGermanRussian, and now a special Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition just for soccer fans!

Google Play for your Andriod device: Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese.


Rosetta Stone: Language learning and co much more!

We’re expanding our growing suite of learning products! Of course we continue to offer the best in language learning, and now to brain fitness, and now Kids Reading!

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