Rosetta Stone UK: Online Subscription Now Live!

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Today is a special day for the Rosetta Stone UK office: Rosetta Stone Online subscription goes on sale in the UK market for the first time. As we mark the culmination of many months of hard work in every department across our company, it’s no surprise that the atmosphere here is buzzing with excitement. We’re watching the first sales of our new, comprehensive language-learning solution come in on our new website, and it’s wonderful to hear the phones ringing as customers start calling.

Every member of the Rosetta Stone UK team—from our Market Research and Training to Legal and Sales and Marketing Departments—has been heavily involved in preparation for today.With so much going on, it’s easy to see the results of so much hard work. A new website, an integrated marketing campaign, and a four-day Italian-themed Language Café event—in which customers can receive a free coffee if they request it in Italian—are just a few of the major achievements we’re all proud to celebrate this week. Please join us in marking this occasion with a salute! We look forward to the next milestone for Rosetta Stone Europe.

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