Rosetta Stone Wins 2011 Stevie Award for Innovation in Customer Service

Rosstevieetta Stone was very fortunate last week to win the 2011 Stevie Award for Innovation in Customer Service, in the computer services and software category. First, I’d like to really just say thanks—to our learners and customers primarily. Without their feedback—engagement from our biggest evangelist to our biggest critic—we couldn’t continually strive to improve. Second, I’d like to thank our global Customer Relationship Management team for submitting the award entry, and the 700 or so people in the Customer Success department that made it happen. Third, since our Customer Success department is only 18 months old, the entire company gets a nod; it’s a collaborative effort. The support around creating and enabling our newest department has been awesome!

Because we won the Stevie Award for Innovation in Customer Service, you might be wondering what we do every day that is innovative. Many companies focus on the customer—but, what makes us special? It boils down to five main areas.

1. Service philosophy of meeting customers on their turf. We’re active in nearly every channel possible—phones, chat, social media, even letters. We’ve spent considerable time integrating these experiences into our contact with customers so we can, in turn, improve these channels to better serve. Facebook is just one example. While we are 300,000 fans and growing, our customers drive much of the conversation—and we respond to every customer comment.

2. Coaches who are native speakers. Our coaches, trained to complement our cool Version 4 TOTALe products with live practice sessions in Rosetta Studio, are virtually embedded in our products across 24 languages. They’re the live inspiration for language learning. Complementing the coaches is a team that helps maintain a safe environment for all Studio participants—ensuring their experience is optimal but not invasive. Safety for our learners online is our number one concern.

3. A team of motivators. If the coaches are the inspirers, our Customer Success associates are the motivators. We have a dedicated team whose sole goal is to help you navigate the entire solution—motivating you along the way in a manner that fits you.  This team is focused on your success and will help you devise a plan and move through it as you meet your language learning goals with Rosetta Stone.

4. Tech support via chat. Within the live portions of Version 4 TOTALe, you can chat with our tech support nearly 24 hours a day, across multiple languages. At Rosetta Stone, we support you in your language, regardless of location.

5. Superior customer analytics. We care about every single step, every single contact with, and every single opinion of our hundreds of thousands of learners—this number will reach over 2 million this quarter. We harness this information to help improve the overall customer experience. So, it is our learners, contributing in one loud voice, that at the end of the day make all the difference at Rosetta Stone!

My last thought is that we are not complacent. We have plans in 2011 to take our innovative strategies to new levels. We want to surpass all areas of satisfaction. Our department’s mission is to help create success for each and every individual and institution we serve. We’ve come a long way, and still have a long way to go. We look forward to the challenge.


  • Linda-Sama

    You need to offer Tamil. Hindi is not the only language spoken in India! Tamil is spoken in the south, Hindi is not.

  • Paul Douglas

    I want to try the Spanish (Spain) module but am reluctant to spend that much money without a better idea how it works. An advertised demo cd suggested accessing a web site. This does not offer any demo cd. I tried the on-line demo but there were no instructions to tell you how you are supposed to use this demo. There were only a few language tidbits but nothing to tell you how you would use it or learn from it. I don’t really want to have to use the phone, at this point, as I am on the road a fair bit. I don’t see any examples of good customer service.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Paul! Here is a link for an extended Spanish demo: Just use your intuition to choose an answer. We do not use translation, but rather the Dynamic Immersion method, where you jump right into associating ideas in the new language. You will need a USB headset. If you don’t have one, you can always opt to do the demo without the speaking component–marking that selection at the beginning. If you have any questions, please ask us!

  • Phillip Hullquist

    I can’t imagine how their customer service is considered to be so great when I’ve sent a number of emails to their enforcement department ( with no response AT ALL. Sure, hide behind the BSA when you’re unable to defend your position.

    Rosetta Stone shut down my ebay auction for an legal, brand new copy of their software claiming that the EULA does not allow for a license transfer. Although the current EULA posted on their site does cite this restriction, MY copy (which is several years old) does not list this same restriction. They of course have not responded to my emails requesting an explanation. Don’t support this company and their heavy-handed practices!

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