Rosetta Stories – Meet Delaine, Hindi Learner

Millions of people have used Rosetta Stone language-learning systems to take the next step in their personal, professional, and educational goals. We’ve heard so many great stories of accomplishment over the years from people who’ve used Rosetta Stone that we wanted to share some of them with you, our current (and soon-to-be) patrons.

Allow us to introduce Rosetta Stories: A place where we’ll highlight the very personal stories and journeys of individuals who have chosen Rosetta Stone to help them attain proficiency in their target languages.


Meet Delaine


Meet more learners!

Grace – French Learner

Nuno – Swedish Learner


Visit the Rosetta Stories page today and enjoy a FREE 3-day; all access trial of Rosetta Stone language-learning systems. Select one of our 30 languages and start learning today—no strings attached!

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