Rosetta World Game Spotlight: BuzzBingo

This month we’re starting the first in a series of Game Spotlights, in which we introduce the activities in our online community, Rosetta World.

Rosetta World BuzzBingo

A screenshot of the Rosetta World game BuzzBingo. Captured by Becca Rust.

BuzzBingo is one of our most popular online activities, and it’s available to learners of all our Rosetta Stone TOTALe languages, plus those using our Rosetta Stone ReFLEX product. Content is specially created to challenge learners’ listening skills in the language they’re studying. In the game, learners listen to a recording of a native speaker, and then click on each word they recognize. They shouldn’t worry if they don’t understand everything the native speaker says. Learners win when they’ve clicked on a complete row of words on the bingo card. BuzzBingo can be played individually, or the learner can compete against a partner who is filling in a similar bingo card.

Today we also released new content for this activity in seven of our TOTALe languages: Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Spain), German, Italian, French, English (American), and English (British). There are 115 new sets now available! If it’s been a while since you’ve played BuzzBingo, or if you’ve never played, head into Rosetta World and try the game!

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