Saving Time and Improving Productivity with Rosetta Stone

time, productivityInternational business is made much easier if everyone can communicate in the same language. That’s the experience of Jairo Lopez, a production planning manager for Tupperware in Mexico.

Mr. Lopez is a native Spanish speaker, but much of his duties involve dealings in Brazil. “My main target is to maintain an optimal service level of Tupperware facilities in local and export markets. This includes shipping and receiving the correct inventory, in the right quantities, and at the right time,” he explained.

Often, materials needed for production need to be sent from Mexico to Brazil and back. There is only one person in Tupperware’s Brazil office who speaks English and a little Spanish. Waiting for that person to be available cost Mr. Lopez valuable time. Luckily, Tupperware makes Rosetta Stone available to their employees in Mexico. “After I learned Portuguese, I started communicating with more people in the Brazilian office, mostly through email.”

At first, it was hard for him to find time to work with the Rosetta Stone® Foundations program, but he had a novel approach to motivate himself.

“One day I decided to change the interface on my computer and phone to Portuguese for extra vocabulary practice. Then I pushed myself further by exchanging emails with colleagues in Portuguese, which pushed me to invest more time. After that, I was practicing the recommended 20-30 minutes per day.”

But it was Rosetta Stone Customer Support which gave him the final push. “Once I started, I used only Language Training Lessons and didn’t participate in Games or Live Tutoring. When I decided to study more, I called Customer Support, who told me about the Games & Activities, Group Chat feature, and Live Tutoring sessions. This pushed me to start using the full program.”

Now Mr. Lopez and his team are reaping the benefits of his efforts with Rosetta Stone.

“It’s much easier for me to understand the customer’s and supplier’s needs from the beginning, which makes my job and the job of my colleagues much easier. Much less time involvement on my and my team’s part. I estimate that my team saves 2-3 hours per week by speaking the same language,” he explained.

“This comes from us being able to have direct contact with more people. It eliminates dependencies on one contact to find the information from other teams/people and waiting on their response. I can now directly communicate with the customers.”

Mr. Lopez is now pushing more people in his office to start working with the company’s Rosetta Stone program, even organizing study groups within the building. Now that he has mastered Portuguese, his next goal is to reach fluency in English.

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