What Type of Language Learner Are You?

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At any given moment, millions of people are learning a new language—from schoolchildren starting their first French class to travelers wanting to enrich their cultural experiences. In our experience, most language learners fall into several distinct camps. Which one sounds most like you?

The Use-It-or-Lose-It Guy/Gal

When you were a child, you traveled with your parents to somewhere exotic for an extended stay—maybe as a military kid, or to spend summer with your Turkish grandparents. You fondly remember the good old days, when you could rattle off phrases as if they were second nature, maybe even recite a bit of literature or tell a cool joke.

Now, as an adult, you find your foreign-language skills have gotten a little creaky. Actually, downright embarrassing. You have a persistent thought in the back of your mind, something like “Gotta get my Hindi back” or “I really should brush up my Arabic.” “Someday” is your mantra.

The good news is, no matter how rusty you’ve gotten, it’s never too late to get your language skills back. We’ll help get your linguistic gears moving again.

The Traveler

“Yippee! I’m going to Paris!”

“Now, where did I put that old phrase book?”

“Wait. What if I have to do something complicated? Like ask for directions . . . or avoid ordering something weird at dinner…or make small talk?”

You’ll be OK. Just take us with you! Rosetta Stone® Travel is a free travel app available in French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian—and coming soon, Brazilian Portuguese!

The Nervous Student

It can be daunting to learn a language as part of your credit requirements in school. All that vocabulary and new grammar can feel like a lot to handle with your already-massive workload. You worry you won’t get the accent right and are terrified of being called on in class.

We get how scary language drills and memorizing reams of grammar rules can be. We devised a fun, interactive system that lets you start learning and speaking a language right away. And now we’ve made it possible for on-the-go study!

Rosetta Stone Language Training is an online app for mobile and tablet devices that lets you practice wherever you are, whether you’re on the bus heading to class or relaxing at the local coffeehouse. Wow that professor on your next exam by nailing it.

The Global Citizen

You are a well-connected, social individual. Whether for work or fun, you frequently need to communicate in a language other than your mother tongue.

Don’t rely on a third-party tool to help you get through your busy days. The Rosetta Stone approach makes it easy to start speaking and reading your next language with our interactive immersion environment. On your time.

The Family Genealogist

So you married into a family whose first language is not English. Or you’ve recently connected with relatives in a foreign country and you want to have a meaningful conversation with them. Perhaps you want to know more about where your ancestors came from.

We can help you navigate the unfamiliar territory of a new language quickly and easily. With our wide selection, you can choose the language of your heritage and start learning right away.

The Polyglot

Spanish in school was just the beginning. Next, there was German in college, then some Italian evening classes . . . now, you’re ready for a new challenge. What’s next? Russian? Mandarin Chinese? The Polyglot speaks multiple languages. If you’re eager to embark on your fourth or fifth language, you’re definitely our kind of person!

No matter how many languages you’ve studied, Rosetta Stone has plenty more for you to choose from. Our growing suite of products is a great way to reignite your passion for language learning.



Whichever profile sounds most like you, Rosetta Stone products can get you speaking and understanding a new language today. Try our free demo, and start your journey.

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