Spanish to Arabic… What Next?

taraMy husband and I work in resort real estate. Most of our projects have been in California. We were hoping to be reassigned to Central or South America. I knew some Spanish from living in Costa Rica and I tried to teach him, but there was no hope. He couldn’t even roll his R’s. I purchased Rosetta Stone for him at Christmas time and within 3 months he could carry on simple conversations. I was stunned and so I am now taking the course to learn more. Now, instead of moving to a Spanish speaking place, we’re moving to Dubai in the Middle East. We’ve decided to purchase Arabic so that we can at least have simple conversations and show respect for their country. I can hardly wait!

Tara P.
Escondido, California

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  • Arianna

    Hi there! i was born and raised in Dubai, just letting you know that most people here don’t talk in Arabic, not much of the expat population knows arabic . It’s useful to know a few words like: Yallah (Hurry up/come on!), Wasta (connections), marhaba (hello!), keefak? (how are you?). Dubai has a vast indian population too, so you might end up learning few words here and there. Enjoy your stay though, you will love dubai 🙂

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