Speaking Spanish in Costa Rica

In February of 2008 myself and 10 others traveled to Costa Rica for a mission trip of building a feeding center in Sherioles, Costa Rica. I did not take Spanish in High School and not until August of 07 did I even have any interest in learning it. I took some beginning Spanish at the community college where we live (my wife and I). So we planned to continue on with our Spanish so we spent a week in Playa Del Carmen, MX at a language school. When we were returning from Mexico the environment was so different at the school back in the US. I knew that traditional classes were not going to get me ready for the mission trip coming up. That’s when I ordered Rosetta Stone. I received it quickly and begin to learn. I received in December and our trip was only two months away. I used the software everyday. I was shocked that after only a week of using the Software that I had learned more than at the college that i spent an entire semester trying to memorize vocab.

I continued through the software and when it was time for the trip i was very nervous about remembering all the words and phrases that i had learned. We arrived in Costa Rica and I greeted our driver and begin conversing with him in Spanish for about 20 minutes or so. He asked me how many years i had be studying Spanish and i was able to reply to him in Spanish that i had only begun about 3 or 4 months ago. He was very impressed. I have tried classes, tapes, language school and nothing compares with Rosetta Stone. I could not believe how quickly I was able to begin speaking and communicating in another language all without memorizing vocab and phrases. Conversation was made easy because of the style Rosetta Stone uses to teach you the language! Our mission trip was great and I was able to use it on the construction site and to get us around for the week. Things that would have never got done because of language barriers got done because of Rosetta Stone. It was Awesome!!! Myself and one other gentlemen who is fluent in Spanish were the only ones that were able to translate to the others what our host was talking about. Thanks Rosetta Stone for Everything you do. Were heading to Mexico this summer for another mission trip and I feel even more comfortable with my Spanish. I own Levels 1-3 and they are great!!


Effingham, Illinois

costa rica

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