Speaking the Most Powerful Languages in the World

BUS IntroIQ Promo 1 440x325 WBG 1701 300x222It is no surprise that we are passionate about language learning. We believe knowing a language broadens horizons and opens new doors to brand new people, ideas, and experiences.

When you speak with someone you make an impression—talking at a busy conference in the middle of a crowd, or chatting across a conference table getting a new customer. What you say helps shape that impression.

Join us as we launch a new blog series to explore the world’s most influential languages, as ranked by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Follow us on this journey for the next couple of months, joining in the count down to the most influential language for 2017.

WEF developed a Power Language Index, ranking languages by the breadth of opportunity that language provides in five distinct categories including travel, business, general communication, learning, and diplomacy. Our series of weekly blog posts will each highlight one of the top 10 most powerful languages.

Along the way, we’ll share five phrases in each of those languages so you can begin practicing. We will also share helpful business protocol tips to make sure you don’t damage a relationship before you even introduce yourself. After all, even a simple handshake can make a right or wrong impression, depending on the local tradition. (Sneak peek: in one country that is a key location for international trade, don’t mistake not smiling as unfriendliness. Those colleagues are concealing their emotions.)

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Six thousand languages are used around the world today. Out of that interesting and long list, only 15 make up the languages spoken by half the world’s population. As your business enters new markets, or expands in existing ones, the chances of meeting with a person or group speaking these top languages increases.

That’s when powering up your first impressions comes in handy. Properly prepared, your language skills and protocol know-how will help smooth the way, even after the introductions are finished.

Over the next few months, check in for each new blog post to learn more about the most powerful languages in the world—and where they can take you. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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