[Special Report] Language Acquisition Demand on the Rise in Adult Education

Adult Ed, ELLs, English Language LearnersBy 2030, nearly one in five members of the workforce will be an immigrant. That equates to increased strain on language learning classes at all levels of education, but particularly for adults.

That’s why we’re releasing a pair of new resources to help adult ed practitioners and leaders, including our Technology Fast-Tracks Adult English Language Acquisition report.

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We know what a difference adult education makes in the entire American community, especially for adult English language learners. Through adult ed programs, these vital workers receive the tools to raise successful children, contribute to their communities, and advocate for themselves and others.

Technology is proving to be an effective way to give adult ELLs the kind of educational experiences that make those goals a reality. It accelerates their learning, which allows them to enter the workforce more quickly. There’s less chance of these important learners falling through the cracks.

In our report, you hear from adult education programs just like yours from across the country. You get to learn from their best practices and use their expertise to make your program better. They guide you through:

  • Identifying the right technology model for your situation
  • Assessing the needs of your learners and the workforce they seek to join
  • Measuring your success
  • Making sure learners receive the outcomes they desire

When all of these points work together, the results can be striking. For example, at the College of Western Idaho, their adult education students were receiving job offers before they even finished their technology-based English-language program. At Laney College in Oakland, CA, they’ve seen their ELL classes become a gateway to the college’s other course offerings, giving students the hunger to continuing their education.

These stories and more form the backbone of our report. We’re positive that it can be a vital step for the adult education practitioner to prepare for the ongoing needs of the American economy in the 21st century.

Click here to download “Technology Fast-Tracks Adult English Language Acquisition” today!

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