Success in French and Italian with Rosetta Stone

I started studying Rosetta Stone French in January of 2010 to assist me with my family genealogy of Quebec ancestors. In high school I had taken two years of French, but had forgotten most of it.

My wife and I were scheduled to go to a wedding of a friend in Washington, D.C in February 2010. The parents of the groom and many of the guests were coming from Italy. I was so pleased with the results of my Rosetta Stone French lessons that I decided to order Rosetta Stone Italian.

For one week prior to the wedding I went through Level 1 Italian. When I got to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding I was able to converse with the parents of the groom and many of the guests in Italian. We were able to discuss our families, where we lived and our work. The guests were very surprised that I had only studied Italian for one week. They thought my pronunciation was very good.

Several months ago I met a man at a dinner party who had been studying French for 15 years. We were able to have a 20 minute conversation in French. He was very surprised that I had only been studying French with Rosetta Stone for only 18 months.

I have been so pleased with Rosetta Stone that I have also begun to study German and Spanish with the program. I have loaded the program on my laptop so that I can study at home and on plane trips. When I drive around town I listen to the CDs to reinforce my computer lessons. Studying languages has become my newest hobby. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

-jphjr47, Milwaukee, WI


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  • Laura DiGiacomo

    I used Rosetta Stone when I was learning Spanish and found it very entertaining. I also use it to teach my language classes. I encourage my students to purchase Rosetta Stone.

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