Sur la Plage du Biarritz

Sur la Plage du Biarritz” — the phrase I most remembered from my high school French grammar book many semesters ago. Fast forward a few decades – I’m invited to be a visiting professor in media policy at the University of Toulouse. It didn’t take a PhD to know that my students wouldn’t appreciate lectures based only on a simple narrative about their Atlantic beaches; for this assignment I would need a much better command of the language.

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I needed to learn French – quickly. This time for real. Graduate level discussions in American media studies need graduate level French. Indeed, your Rosetta Stone became my Rosetta Stone… the means for deciphering, dusting off and vastly improving that schoolboy’s weak grasp of the language. And more than refreshing my grammar and vocabulary, it did what few normal teaching programs had ever done; it fostered a spoken fluency I’d never had. Rosetta Stone enhanced my ability to convey my thoughts, articulate my knowledge and share my passion for our freedom of the press. Conversely, it gave me my freedom to speak French as if I had lived Sur la Plage du Biarritz” all my life. Merci beaucoup.

– Wick R.
Niwot, Colorado

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