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A Popular Ice Cream Flavor Lost in Translation

There’s never been a better time to learn a new language: Click to try our free demo! I saw this picture on a Power Point slide in my Psych class.  It was…

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Trends in College Language Learning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Spanish tops out as the most-studied language across U.S. campuses, followed by French and German. Only one percent of those in the U.S. have studied Chinese, but check out what…

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A Journey to China with Rosetta Stone TOTALe PRO

One of the most difficult languages for native speakers of English to learn is Chinese, but that hasn’t deterred students from learning it. In fact, the Modern Language Association reports…

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Learning Mandarin to Improve Professional Opportunities

As a lawyer with localized, small-town experience (rather than international, corporate, or financial expertise), I knew that finding work here in Taiwan would be difficult. Because my family’s relocation for my wife’s work…

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Language Myths and Complicated Languages

My recent video answering the question “Why are some languages so complicated?” sparked a great discussion among some of our readers—and it raised some good questions. I thought I’d reply…

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Rosetta Stone: Helping Me Feel at Home in Taiwan

One of the great advantages of my family’s relocation to Taiwan is that we now have relatively easy access to some fantastic Asian vacation destinations. In the course of nine…

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