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Rosetta Stone Serves Up Language for the FIVB

We’re proud to announce that Rosetta Stone has established a global partnership with the world’s largest sports federation, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). As the new official language-learning partner of…

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Perdido en la traducción

Hace varios años atrás hice un servicio social en una secundaria con una gran población de estudiantes latinos. La secundaria se ubicaba en un barrio de muchos latinos, pero extrañamente,…

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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: La Diferencia Entre “in” y “on”: Parte 1

Las preposiciones pueden ser un dolor de cabeza para los que están aprendiendo inglés. Para los hispanohablantes, unas preposiciones específicas que causan confusión son in y on, especialmente porque sólo tienen…

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5 Invented Words Used in Everyday Language

Ever wonder where some of the words you use every day came from? Bet you didn’t know that even some of the most common words you hear and use on…

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Ready! Set! Take the Fit Brains Memory Game Challenge!

Ready? GO!   Want more brain training games from Fit Brains™? Learn more about Fit Brains’ engaging, challenging, and hard-to-put-down online and mobile brain games. You can also download the free Fit…

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Rosetta Stone® Travel Apps—Gearing Up to Score a GOOOOOOOAL!

The newly released Rosetta Stone® Travel Portuguese Futebol Edition app is now available for both English and German speakers*! Like our other Travel apps, which help you learn the basics…

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Easy Ways for International Students to Improve Their Conversational English

Students from overseas are coming to study in the United States in record numbers—over 800,000 last year alone. Of course, they all have varying levels of comfort with the English…

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