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A Popular Ice Cream Flavor Lost in Translation

There’s never been a better time to learn a new language: Click to try our free demo! I saw this picture on a Power Point slide in my Psych class.  It was…

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International Commercials: Korean Ads Emphasize Speaking

Two weeks ago, we shared a Korean commercial for Rosetta Stone ReFLEX. In the advertisement, a man faces a nerve-wracking challenge when an English-speaker asks him which button he should…

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International Commercials: Rosetta Stone Rocks Korea

With the release of Rosetta Stone ReFLEX in July, the Rosetta Stone team in Korea has been busy. In addition to welcoming new Rosetta Stone ReFLEX and Rosetta Stone Version…

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Rosetta Stone

Learning a Fifth Language

For an hour, I forgot I was in America. For an hour, I forgot the languages I knew: Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and English. For an hour, I forgot I was…

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