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Why Tech Talent Needs Language Skills More Than Ever

Worldwide, technology is the fastest-growing sector of the global economy. In the face of that growth, the United States and Europe are experiencing a shortage in the talent required for…

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5 Key Benchmarks for Defining Language Training Success

Calculating the ROI of soft skills training can be difficult. Fortunately, employee language learning lends itself to such measurement. While a few budgetary calculations are always possible, an even more…

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Rosetta Stone Launches Webinar Series for Corporate Learners

Want to keep up with the latest trends in corporate language training during 2018? Mark your calendar for the new Rosetta Stone monthly webinar series, Trainer’s Corner. Our presenters will…

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DoD Needs the Right Kind of Language and Culture Training

By Robert R. Greene Sands, CEO of LanguaCulture LLC A soldier from the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) recently shared with me his frustration about the quality of language and culture…

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[NEW Playbook] Driving Employee Engagement with Language Training

Communication problems due to language barriers plague 90% of organizations today. And if you’re like most business line leaders, you’re not telling anyone about it. In fact, only 3 in…

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Language Makes International Medical Cooperation Possible

Just as in every other facet of our lives, medicine has become more connected internationally. Healthcare workers of previous generations who may have only collaborated at conferences have given way…

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