Taking Language Instruction to the Next Level

Rosetta Stone, language learning, language fluencyDo you know what’s working in your language-learning program and where you could use some new tools to really bolster your students’ experience?

Rosetta Stone® Advantage is what gives the Language Learning Suite for K-12 the breadth and depth necessary for advanced learners to maximize their skills toward proficiency. We’ve just produced a new video to highlight its features and what makes it a special product for language learning in the K-12 arena.

A More Customizable Experience

Advantage takes learning to the next level with a tailored experience in nine select languages, including British and American English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and German.

To start, teachers can select the skills and practice that are most applicable to their students’ needs. Lessons are organized by various real-world situations, including those needed for business and study, so students only spend time learning what they need.

Students then begin with an internationally-recognized placement test to organize each student’s curriculum based on their existing skills. As they progress, regular formative assessments continue monitoring their growth.

The lessons in Advantage leverage cutting-edge speech recognition technology. As they practice, graphics show the correct intonations so they can perfect their accents to the point of native speech.

Growing Global Competence

The information that informs Advantage lessons comes from real-world sources like Euronews and AP, making sure students are not only engaged with their learning, but are also gaining some cultural awareness of the target country. Cultural competence can be just as important a factor in international relations as language skills.

On the back end, Advantage administrative functions make sure the teacher has as much control as they desire. They see every assessment and can assign ad-hoc lessons when needed. The product even offers an internal messaging system so students can ask the teacher questions even if they are working away from the classroom.

Speaking of away from the classroom, the full functionality of Advantage is available in apps available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

We really believe that Rosetta Stone Advantage has the power to be transformative in any K-12 environment—but to see for yourself, check out our informative video.

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