Technology Benefits HR When Used Efficiently

As digital technology becomes ubiquitous in people’s professional and personal lives, its Using digital tools intelligently can produce significant gains for human resources professionals.possible utility for human resource staff increases as well. From hiring to training, digital tools can compartmentalize and streamline the process of building and developing a highly skilled workforce.

One potential drawback of technology’s growth, however, is the speed at which it is occurring. An overwhelming number of resources—even valuable ones—can make it difficult for companies to identify the tools best-suited to their needs, and then focus on honing a comprehensive understanding of those devices. Each day, a slew of new software programs, applications, and even networks are introduced that can be beneficial in the hiring and employee training process.

Of course, trying to balance too many tools can be just as detrimental as using none at all. So how can hiring staff wade through their options?

Start with a Baseline

Regardless of a company’s industry or area of expertise, a few services cater to a broad range of interests, and can therefore be utilized by all. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can provide platforms for businesses to find and vet potential employees of all different backgrounds. Knowing how to utilize them properly, however, should still be a concern.

Business Insider recently covered best practice for individuals seeking employment via LinkedIn, and the same advice holds true for the companies that may be hiring them. The news source suggested that one of the most effective ways of using LinkedIn to locate potential talent is to search with keywords. Hiring managers can narrow down their applicant pool by hunting for workers with a specific existing position, skill, or even quality. For instance, a publishing company looking for a consultant could pinpoint their search by including keywords that define their industry, client type, desired abilities, and company values.

Make it Personal

One of the most important aspects of utilizing social media and any other technological tool is to customize it as much as possible. In the hiring realm, this may mean vetting websites that specifically attract talent within a single industry. When it comes to staff training and development the same is also true. Instead of providing broad instruction, software should be as company- and position-specific as possible. Programs that simply reiterate common knowledge may not only be considered a waste of time by workers but can also present an unnecessary burden on the company budget. Look for digital training options that cater specifically to the business and employees’ responsibilities and needs.

Enjoy the Gains

When properly used, digital tools offer speed and efficiency that far surpass those of traditional techniques for hiring and training a workforce. Online programs offer flexibility in terms of where, how, and at what speed employees complete the program. In addition, both group and individual progress are simpler to track, which streamlines internal organization efforts. By choosing a combination of baseline tools along with customized digital hiring and training options, companies stand to increase efficiency and keep up with an ever-growing digital marketplace.

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